App is really SLOW

The jupiter app is really slow. I would say that it has all features but it’s really slow that sometimes it makes me angry when i was in emergency. I use the jupiter all the time and make my payment using scanner but i takes a lot of to open it then it takes time to load the whole app and when i open the scanner it takes long time to scan it sometimes I’ve to go back and scan it again. Such a headache. Just work first on making it fast to use the app.


If you use Samsung Devices then it will save your so seconds.

Press on Jupiter & hold for 2 sec.
You will get “Scan & Pay option”

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I think other mobiles also show this option. I have same options as you have (mine OnePlus).

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This feature available on every android device. Also, you can long press the options shown above and drag it to get a shortcut icon.


Actully, i have not used Other than samsung mobiles much more. So I was unknown about is this option available in other’s phone or not.
That’s why i mentioned samsung

HI all, to make this easier, let’s try to define what’s slow here.
Was it:

  1. App performance (lag/choppy feeling)
  2. Smooth transitions but slow loading due to the internet?

Hello! :hyper_wave: @Sumayya , this can mean 2 things.

  1. The scanner did open but failed to scan quickly.
  2. The scanner took time to open but scanned quickly.

If it’s 1, we’ll need to look at which merchant it was.

It’s 1st option.
And it’s not just about scanner i want the app to be fast and feel smooth. It takes time to show the fingerprint option to open it and then when you do it takes time for me to get into the app. I want that much time to cut short.

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