Jupiter App Bug /Feedback

Hii Team,

We have been faced a problem while opening the account in Jupiter App.

While this is a Beta so I now there could be a bugs in the application.

UI of the app is same as Bullet but something is new in the app in Addhar OTP section facing some problem.

But Now Account Opened Successfully.
So please fix the Aadhar OTP problem getting (something crack error).

@Jiten @sneh.baxi


Hi, Iam unable to procced from Enter PAN section,
While I confirm my name, the proceed button isnt working,
Iam stuck at this stage…
@sneh.baxi Please can you assist?


I was facing same issue today … But found solution.

You need to change private dns to google dns. Or in off mode.

I was using adguard dns but after changing to off mode, i was able to signup Jupiter.

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Not sure if this is a mandated security feature but I cannot login into my app without a sim or mobile network. Why is that? i am locked out and no access to my money ( I swapped sims to register the account)

Other banking apps work on wifi. I generally go to the hills where I don’t get any network but have wifi. in such a situation, will I be locked out of my account?


I think it’s mainly because of the way UPI is integrated with the app. UPI is dependent on sim.

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I think this issue can be resolved if the phone number field is unlocked. At this point of time, it’s being fetched and not an open field.

@Jiten @sneh.baxi : Any particular reason we have locked this? it’s turning out to be a hindrance than a convenience


NiyoX is just a banking app . Where you dont have inbuilt upi payments section .
But coming to jupiter its is an multi banking payment section where you can look all the transactions and even do upi payments .

It is mandatory to verify mobile via sms for upi payments . I think you use gpay , phonepe … . You easily understand .


SIM verification is mandatory for all UPI linked Banking Apps, this ensures no one else can fraud with just OTP access.


Another major issue I am locked out of the app . For some reason after putting in the correct sim and pin it’s not restoring my account . Need help

This happens when you try to open jupiter account for the number which doesn’t have acces . The number you shared via type form will only have acces . If you share the apk to other phone or you try to register from another number this will happen .

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The number already has a registered account. Opened the account yesterday & made a transfer to the account. But now getting this error .

The issue is that this is acting like an app wall. With google pay you can use the app without the sim. The sim validation is required only if you initiate a UPI transaction.

Here i should be able to use the app & use neft/IMPS at-least. There is too much friction in the CX. If its a regulatory requirement then we cant do anything, if not then according to be its can a “must have” improvement

Drop a mail for them . It will be get resolved with in a day .

As it is beta acces they did not included all futures .
And they also clearly mentioned in the dos and donts .They sent via email when they give access . First point refers to you . Dont change sim card . If you face any problem contact them

But dont compare always with other apps @shray .

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It should be changed the way it is now. For initiating UPI transaction that definitely is regulatory requirement but as you said user should be allowed to use other features of the app. Just don’t let initiate upi transaction if the sim verification is unsuccessful. Not a good UX I would say.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten the UPI registration and onboarding issue has been fixed for me now. Successfully registered my Jupiter account over UPI network.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten i am unable to continue with onboarding as I am getting this Mobile Verification Failed error. Have already raised complaint via mail and bug report.

I don’t get why you’d prefer no SIM on your phone, its for our own safety that such security measures are used…

Also, Most apps have Phone & Location access, so SIM swap will be noticed soon. Even GPay will notify to restore account, (not right away, but they do check)

Also, In theory, Once you open the account, you wont need App Access really.you can attempt to use Bank Account Passively…like UPI, Debit Card etc…
But its much preferred to use App in phone where SIM is active.

Feedback :
• Please do notify when KYC will be initiated(full KYC)
• Jewels are credited instantly ,thats really cool…No more waiting or uncertainty…
Well Done Jupiter team.

Request :
• Custom UPI Id, like name rather than Number :sweat_smile:
• Ability to turn ON/OFF networth function maybe, coz its confusing and doesn’t update to correct value.
• Maybe add personal notes to transaction along with labels
• and Finally, Screenshot Access at payment confirmation screens :innocent:

@Jiten @sneh.baxi