Feedback on Jupiter Help Experience 📝

  1. What do you like about our current help experience - the in-app FAQs, the bot, chat or voice agent experience. ANS ✓chat and voice and FAQs
  2. What do you not like about our current help experience?✓Upi rewards for selected applications
  3. What’s your ideal customer support experience? ✓7 out of 10
  4. What are the key areas you think we should improve on? ✓Complaint resolving
    More than 2 days already i given a compliant about my rewards not credited on Amazon payment
  1. Disposable virtual Prepaid Relodable Cards with full control to use it on buying softwares etc and sharing with friends or family if sometime they need.

Impact: we sometimes want to buy something from less known site, so one time card is the solution for that.
(If possible then make it, ex - kotak has same facility years back )

2.Payment confirmation using fingerprint . and nfc payement like gpay and paytm

Impact: We should not be wait for otp, something we’re on wifi and mobile network is not working,
Ex - one card using swipe on screen, You can replicate or get an Idea

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I kind of love of jupiter customer care… Except:

  1. Some informations are not properly aware by the agent (remember few months ago i asked about CDM deposits)
  2. Some times waiting period for getting first reply is more (but better than your competitors)

// thats it i think. Havent used help cetre im a while…

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Everything is perfect
Just add some features like…

  1. Option to change the Address, E-mail id, Phone number
  2. Payment below 2000 using only fingerprint or faceID because it is bit irritating to enter UPI pin for every small payments (It will make payments faster and )

I would like to have a call back option in Jupiter. Chat support is inefficient n sometimes frustrating.

Hi Jupiter. I love your pot idea. It really help us to segregate the money for different needs.

I would like to mention one desired change in app. “It will be great if we have the option to transfer money between pots directly instead of withdrawal to main account and then again transferring it to the desired pot.”

Thank you.

While I wait for more comments, thanks are in order for all of you who took time to comment.

@Heena_Parveen - The team is working on it and soon you will hear of some new capabilities.

@gabey14 - Thanks Abey for your comments.

@Sukesh - Could you please expand a bit more on your comment? Was the discoverability of the help channels an issue?

@Chevuru - Thanks. Have noted down your point on closure notifications. Will relay to my team.

@Vaibhav_Jain - Thanks a lot. Our team is working on almost all things you have mentioned.

@VES_05_Venkateshwari - Could you please DM me with a screenshot or exact error description? I will get it checked.

@SUBIN_P_IDIKULA - Thanks for your comments. I will get your issue checked and revert on DM.

@Aswin_Benny - Thanks a lot. We are working on both - quality of responses and speed of responses.

@Omverma - Thanks for the comments. We are actively working on point 1, and I will discuss pt 2 with relevant teams.

@Dhruv - Thanks for the valuable comment. Quick follow-up → Why do you think Chat is inefficient? → It doesn’t provide proper responses, FAQs are not correct, etc?

Thank you all. Awaiting more comments. :slight_smile:

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My experience is fine with Jupiter till now.

Keep it up sir
Good app.
Time does not waste here.
Good service.

I need online passbook in new application update that was very useful for all

Keep this good service
In future Jupiter will rocks

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I am from Visakhapatnam I want passbook sir how to get passbook through online

App takes about 12 minutes to open via mobile data mode.

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I want to say few things. This app lacks the first two basic features which every service provider provides.

  1. No option to change phone no and email address. Many of us donot use the number where adhaar otp came and since there is no option to change phone no. We have to keep on recharge that number to use jupiter. Atleast start manual updation of number / email id over phone.

  2. Allow the federalbank internet banking service. Many times internetbanking is required. Fi is allowing the same those have account in both fi and jupiter can access internet banking but not us.

  3. Allow promotional offers on food delivery service apps like zomato/swiggy.

  4. Lunch credit card services to attract more people and it will help in their credit building also.

  5. Optimise the app for lowend devices also. It takes huge time to open in my 1gb ram device compare to other upi apps.

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I have been reporting an issue that Im facing since almost a month and I have not received any kind of updates yet… Why cant a simple bug from your side get cleared within this much time, due to this issue one of the major feature is not being available for me…

Reported here, Sent emails to your team and tried even mentioning in a meeting that I attended with your team… But No solutions yet!


Hey @labeeb246

Apologies for the delay. This is definitely not the kind of experience we wanted you to have. We have highlighted your issue to our concerned team and they looking forward to resolving your issue at the earliest.

We will make sure that your concern is driven to closure.

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Hello, Venkateshwari!

We apologize for the trouble it has caused you. I have sent you a DM and shared a few steps to debug the issue. Let me know if it helps!

Till now, I have given many feedback to you on email, twitter, app chat, call both in humble and rude words. I don’t want to repeat my phrases again and again. Can you look at all of my feedback and experience, that I have given previously. Additionally , I would like to add some new lines. In app chat interface’s response is very annoying it is not responsible at all. Loading, clicking and scrolling are very slow in chat section. Your experts are not expert in reality. They don’t know anything well. They are very pathetic. Email support is very stupid and robotic. I think they don’t read the mail before replying.
Btw twitter team is doing their best.

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If you have no network in your mobile and you have a wifi then . UPI payments do not need any otp. You can do imps,neft and rtgs transactions with mpin in Jupiter app. If you pay using debit card you will find a ‘get OTP on email’ in bottom of page.
RBI has introduced card tokens to prevent the sites to saving card details and Jupiter is doing good, you can delete the card token if a site you don’t trust saved your card or you don’t want to keep your card details on a site. Transactions can not happen without OTP and for an auto payment, tokenization is required.
Btw some of your suggestions are notable.

Oh! You can save your Jupiter card on Paytm and enable it for the same. You will not require any OTP.

Yes, you are right. Sometime it take an infinite time. You will not know how long you have to wait.