(Completed) Lab test #10 - Introducing Habits 🚀

Hey everyone!

We are so excited to announce the launch of ‘Habits’ for the community folks. This is live for @Jupiterlabs members too :slight_smile:

What are Habits ?

These are hassle-free and automated ways to save in Pots and SuperPots. You can now save Daily, Weekly or Monthly by setting up a Habit.

While you test it out, answer these:

  • How did you like the UX?
  • Is the interaction intuitive and smooth?
  • How is the saving experience for you now
  • Did you notice anything else? Let us know your thoughts!

Habits have been long awaited by all of you. Let us know if there are suggestions to improve this. :slight_smile:

Happy testing!


Note: If you do not have access to it yet, you will receive it by this week :slight_smile:
@nateavi Your time to shine!

Holy crap! I’ve been whining for this since the dawn of time.

Doesn’t appear to be “action oriented” as FIT rules from Fi (really super cool stuff btw), habits is a step in the right direction.

This Ui looks pretty simple. Giving it a spin.

Edit: okay here’s what I found.

Created a pot of 100. Transfer smooth… great.
Then attempted to add a habit. Turns out it doesn’t let me set one for anything less than ₹500. That shouldn’t be the case.

Is it a bug?

The feature does not come up on my app. Guess this is due to KYC is still in progress. As soon as the KYC is completed, will look for the feature.


That doesn’t look right, we’re checking this.
Thanks for checking it out! :blob_thanks:

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This is something I had wanted for so long, thank you.

I did notice a bug though.
The default amount is Rs 2,000. So, if I try to remove the amount by using the backspace key, after the final digit is removed, it doesn’t goto ‘zero’. It again populates the field with 2000.


Hey @AltafParkar

Thanks for raising this issue. We have fixed this in our upcoming release.

@nateavi Can you check if this is the same issue for you as well ?

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@yagnesh01 You will need to be a part of the Jupiter labs group too. I couldn’t find your registration yet.
You can do it here if you haven’t registered - Community - Jupiter labs



Issue with entering the amount. Something members above has mentioned

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Hi @Shawnpinto

There is a glitch in setup up habit section, when i delete default amount to enter manually, it automatically comes to the default amount.

e.g. fo daily the default amount is 100 but i want to enter 200 and when i delete 100 amount, it got reflected 100 again

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Here’s what I’ve found:

When I select “daily”, the values defaults to ₹100 if i try clearing the amount field.

When it’s “weekly”, the value defaults to ₹500.

When it’s “monthly”, the value defaults to ₹2000.

If it helps, i use the iOS app.

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Thanks for this. We are debugging this


Same thing happened when I checked it just now. Hope they’ll fix it in the next update.

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Apart from entering the amount issue, let us know if you encounter anything else.
For example, make a test pot for 3 different instances. Daily, weekly and Monthly.
Look at the amount, how it’s getting deducted, and how the communications are sent.

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Yes this is fixed ! Will be fine in the next release


Probably the fastest Pitstop fix eva. Keep up the good work gang! :saluting_face:


Does this Habit Future work with DIGITAL GOLD POT?

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@nateavi R u from kerala bro?

Athe saghave

Nice :ok_hand:.