Need Habit Savings feature

Like other fintech platforms we need this feature on Jupiter App.
Like when we exceed more than 50 smartphone unlocks its sets aside Rs.50 in pot.
Like if we exceed 8 hours of screen time Jupiter sets aside Rs.50 in pots.
This will help savings + our Digital wellbeing. And many More.

There can be inovative if statements more which can be added by Jupiter team so we save more.


Honestly, this is more of a gimmick. The team can be utilised to roll out more problem-solving features.

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I wouldn’t suggest having screen time as a base to start a habit.
But this is impressive! You’re considering Digital wellbeing as well as financial health.

It’s good that you see it that way.
Just curious @itssahilaher , how much time do you spend on the Jupiter app on a daily basis? :blob_sweat:

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For me its
20 mins avg on Jupiter
30 mins avg on Community.
P.S. i like to keep a check on my money :smile:

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I am talking about the Overall phone screen time and not just the jupiter app screen time.

Got it :hyper_wave:

You’ve mentioned other fintech platforms, can you share a few which does this?

+1 :joy::joy::joy:

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Fi money

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Thats mean, daily i need to keep 100 rs a side . :blob_sweat: :blob_sweat: :blob_sweat:

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Fi money have this feature?