SIP Auto payment from Pots

I got this Idea which will make things really easy for maintaining a smooth SIP payment flow.

Pots are one of the best features of Jupiter.

My suggestion:

Money can be loaded onto a SIP Pot.

This money is separate from the one in your bank balance.

And the user doesn’t need to maintain a balance at the date of SIP payment.(the money will be deducted from the pot directly)

So, no hassle of SIP date skipping. And more beneficial to the user.

Let me know your opinion too.
It can be complicated for some, but according to me there are some who will admire this feature :wink:


Hey @Kaushal_Sai welcome to the community! :hyper_wave:

This is a good idea. We’re thinking about this. Oh and, since you liked pots a lot, we just introduced habits. Have a look! - Lab test #10 - Introducing Habits 🚀

It’s currently available to lab testers and a few community folks.
You can join the Jupiter labs group here if you haven’t - Community - Jupiter labs

Read more about it: Introducing Jupiter Labs 🧪