Change Mobile number linked to Jupiter account

I think the features that were supposed to come, have arrived. Upcoming features will always be upcoming. If someone has to give a feature, gives it, does not make it an upcoming. Take Fi for example, it has been launched with all the features that were required. Be it netbanking or updating mobile number it has launched with every feature.
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It’s going to be longer. I think you will get these facilities till 2027. So, wait.

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Till date there is no way to change Mobile number

2022 is going to end and I’m still waiting

You’re just aiming to fool people


@Shawnpinto Kindly rollout mobile number update feature.It is a necessary feature now at digital age.Very important feature.Kindly tell us a specific time frame.Due to lack of this feature,there are issue during account usage.Try to bring it ASAP.


This is in Dev mode - How to change registered mobile number of Jupiter saving account online - #2 by Jiten

This is taking a bit more time.

How much time it ll take ?

These guys can put Christmas cap in the dp but can’t add a feature :joy:

That’s a easy task Admin just need to upload image and click on enabled! That’s it. But not for mobile change They need to merge federal servers and both Jupiter & Federal team is working. plus on final stage they need Federal bank approval .


how many days it will take more for the mobile number updations

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We’re counting on wrong people!

Finally we had successful testing of this feature last week . Yes, we know it took us long bcoz it had many complications…

We would need bank consent and sign off now before we roll out this in phased manner. We will keep community updated as soon as we start rolling out


Hey @Jitendra any idea when this will be completed and available for use? Since I changed my number, this has become a critical feature for use for me! Just to be able to access my Jupiter account.

@here We have an update on a mobile number change option! :calling:
We’re really close to releasing this feature. Currently, we are testing the flow internally and would like to test it out with community folks.

Please read this post to know more and how you can be a part of the early release - Mobile number change - Testing 📱

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Long time coming! fab job team.


yes please release it waiting from longgggg time please

Already showing ‘edit’ button inside app.
But not working for now.

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Is it working???

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Wait for some days

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