Change Mobile number linked to Jupiter account

Any update on this feature? Cause my old sim is dead. And I cannot reactivate it. Really need this. Been waiting for this feature.

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Please work on this soon and let us know the expected date, If this feature is delayed, most of your customers will be lost… Including me and me family… thank you

who cares ??

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An update regarding this one.
We are aiming to release the mobile number change feature in 6-7 weeks from now. This is an estimated ETA @Pavan_SN :slight_smile:

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I am also facing the issue and cannot use the Jupiter account as cannot register on new number nor use it on UPI. My Jupiter account is dead and totally useless for me now.
This should have factored as mandatory feature when designing the product (Not necessarily an app feature, could also be a offline feature through contact center) rather than trying to add later and saying its complicated.

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@Shawnpinto , any updates on this? It’s been 12 weeks since the last communication. Its causing loss of faith and trust with a lot of customers like me.

@Shawnpinto when its coming? also allow netbanking

Any update regarding this ?

I have a solution regarding this issue …if you have jupiter account with video kyc done then open account in fi money they will not ask for video kyc as you had done before in jupiter…after that register in net banking with fi money account details and change the mobile number there and then you can use both jupiter and fi money account in phone pe and gpay
But not in jupiter app until jupiter rollout that feature

When change linked number feature will come, We are waiting from many months

@sneh.baxi @Jiten Please Reply

Hey @Omkar_Ghule We’re aiming for this to be out in Mid October (TBD) :crossed_fingers:t4:

We’ll let the community know way before its release. Stay tuned.

Thank you sir

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