Account have been frozen

Forwarded the email to

Waiting for the reply.

Sir, there is no reply from the cybercrime yet. :frowning:

This is not going to be easy. This will test your patience and persistence.

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Account freeze/block My both fi and jupiter is frozen, no response from both the platforms. Please help

Mine too account block , I asked for all details for the transaction which froze my account, but the customer service is not replying

@Faisal_07 reach out to the Cyber Care team using the email option when you click on the customer service icon. The response comes in after 48 working hours. Either they will ask for certain details or they will confirm the reason for your account getting frozen.

They aren’t replying

The process will you to be persistent as well as patient

How much wait sir ? It’s already more than 48 hrs , I’m requesting all the complaint details for more than 4 days , my friend’s bank pnb was also blocked, he got all the details within 36hrs , plus there customer service also respond ASAP , but Jupiter (federal Bank) isn’t even replying my mails.

Well now it’s more than 3 days, still no reply from Jupiter customer service :slightly_smiling_face: , now , should I suggest anyone to use this bank? How can we trust on their service

As of now, the only way forward is to follow up with the cyber care team.

Hello everyone.

My account was blocked due to a NCCRP complaint. I was able to follow the process mentioned in the app and received the complaint number and the station number.

Now the problem has been the station folks are not interested in speaking to me. I tried to get the transaction details which caused the problem and they’re not really interested in providing this information.

I’ve visited multiple police stations to get the details of the complaint but they don’t have information about the complaint number. I stay in Bangalore and the Investigating officer is in UP. I think a different state is causing the above problem.

Can a Federal Bank branch near me help with getting the transaction details?
Can the local cyber crime police station help me move the process along and get the NOC from the Investigating Officer?

Jupiter not sharing the email received by them when they’re asked to block the account makes this even more difficult. The helpful tone of the Jupiter support team changes to accusatory as soon as they realize it’s a bank freeze issue. This is not a good look for any bank which claims to be created to improve the banking experience for users.

Please share any other options available to help us find a solution to this problem.


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I was able to call 1930 and they asked to me go to the local cyber police station and that they should be able to help.

I reviewed all the credit transactions since my account was opened and I have not received any transactions that are shady in nature. I’ve received only salary/reimbursements from my company and money from my friends whom I am sure didn’t complain. All the folks who have sent money to my account stay in Bangalore, so a complaint officer being in UP is not great as well.

I haven’t traded in Crypto or participated in gambling as well.

I hope this information helps fellow members who are suffering from this headache.


My account got closed due to vkyc is incomplete and the particular time I was admitted in the hospital and now I’m trying to open the account but it show my account has been closed due to vkyc. I have proofs of mine and I can do it by now

@Mohammed_Sameer1 When you opened a HKYC account, you had one year to complete your Video KYC. We regret to inform you that once the account is closed, we don’t have any way to reopen an account.

What happened to your balance in the account?

Update on my case.

Local police can’t provide any help if your case was filed in a different state. I’ve visited 5 police stations and nobody could even verify and provide details about the complaint details based on the complaint number.

Jupiter support doesn’t share the complaint copy which they should have received prior to blocking the account and it is just not acceptable. If they’re blocking accounts without an official complaint copy then it’s a scandal.

I have mailed to cyber and support emails of Jupiter, and waiting for them to share the complaint copy. Support from Jupiter so far has been non-existent.

It’s scary. Now, people have to use Jupiter with the fear of their account getting frozen, just like how people are afraid to do updates on their phone, thinking they will get a green line on the screen

Another update!

Jupiter does have the flagged transaction details associated with the complaint. They just don’t share it till we escalate it through emails and calls to their support and cybercare emails.

This should be provided as soon as the Bank account is frozen (Ideally, the Bank should be fighting against the request from the police to freeze the account and instead should be blocking or putting a lien on a certain amount in dispute.)

The disputed amount is for Rs. 200/- on the transaction made for Rs. 230/-. Because of this small transaction, the whole bank account has been frozen instead of blocking only that amount. The transaction was received from my friend whose account is still active and working fine in Axis Bank.

Waiting on Jupiter to resolve this by blocking whatever amount is in dispute and unfreezing my account
till the original complaint is resolved.

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Get your funds out as soon as your account is unfreezed.
There is no fair policy with jupiter here seeing from what you say.