Worst service from a recognised private sector Bank

Hi friends!
I had opened a Insta mine savings account in ICICI a year ago. The only reason I opened that savings account because it was a zero balance account and I had completed my Video KYC too. And within few days I received my Chequebook and debit card for the same.
Everything was cool until 12th of this month.
They suddenly closed my savings account without proper notice. And now I’m hanging between customer support team and The staffs of my home branch. None of them tells Me why my account was closed.
The problem is I’ve added that saving account with the MFs. And I have again have to change the bank account details in the MFs.

Has anyone of you faced similar problem? Please share the solutions for it.

I’ve opened ICICI MINE account in August this year. So far, everything’s fine.

What happened to your account balance and debit card?

Luckily few bucks were there in that account.

I guess you must have complained to them via mail.

You can approach RBI after 30 days (not confirm) via Integrated Ombudsman Scheme. They will approach you themselves after that.

I was planning to reach Omudsman.

You know the funny thing I heard from a customer representative that after completing the Video KYC I should have visited the branch with the physical documents to update on their data base. I mean what the hell.

I have visited the branch number of times but not once I was informed to submit the KYC details by the Bank staffs.
And now they are saying I can open a new saving account in the branch but the old one can not be unlocked.

In my case, video kyc was buggy. So I visited nearby branch and did kyc.

They are passing the buck. They should have reminded you to do kyc if needed. A notice before closing the account is must.