Why is logging in such a hassle?

I had to reset my iPhone to factory settings a while ago. As I began the long and arduous process of re-logging into apps (thank heavens for iCloud!), a lot of apps worked just fine without a hitch.

Tap to open. A click or two, and boom, all your data is synced in from iCloud!

Fi logged in just FiNe (pun intended).

Then came Jupiter’s turn. And boy was I miffed.

Jupiter needs me to resend my verification sms via my phone number + mPIN + two attempts of failed verifications because the texts messed up (I guess). Took a total of five agonising minutes before I came to the conclusion that the login to our app is a very annoying process.

Can we please simplify it? Time to add a username + password login system and if possible, sync it with iCloud; wouldn’t you think?

MPIN is secure enough to act as the defacto password. What we need is a username for the account, that’s independent of the upi I’d.

Needs to simple, and customisable.
We should be able to add the username to our profile, and be discoverable by other Jupiter users in case they’d like to search for us.

In hindsight, the profile + UPI id should work as a fine combo for social though. Username needn’t be made public, but it’s VRY important regardless. Lest we forget, it needs to be user customisable. Sorta like a one time setup.

This is not unique to just Jupiter. All banking apps behave almost similarly!! Security is utmost important here. Nothing can be done until your phone no is verified. Every thing else is secondary. Then there is a dependency on telecom operators/banking partners and their systems.

Sigh. Quoting from my post:

Fi money is a neobank app that uses Federal Bank’s infra, the same as Jupiter. When their app can login just fine without any of the mumbo jumbo, this is no excuse.
Reiterating, none is asking for Jupiter to dilute the security. Merely another post amongst quite a many requesting for basic login infra that EVERY BANK OUT THERE has.

wondering how FI is achieving that ? If you had no problems with FI then should have the similar experience with Jupiter as well. Although there are many things which FI does but Jupiter doesn’t, an example is phone no. change. Hopefully we’ll have all these features one day on Jupiter…

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Your feedback is duly noted and we will definitely work towards making the login experience simpler for you :slight_smile:
Also, the option to edit personal details is something the team is already working on and you can expect it soooon!

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Happy to hear that! Thank you, Devika.

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You’re welcome, Nithin.
We sincerely thank you for your feedback. Helps us bring out the best :slight_smile:

Jupiter is almost completing 1 year still they didnt resloved that sms problems😂 nothing they just ignore the feedback that’s why i stop giving them the feedbacks. They just don’t care. only want money and money🤑

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unfortunately that seems very true… while browsing community posts I realised most of the issues/features have been pending since quite long time!!

What sms problem are you mentioning here? Can you elaborate pls

Every banking app needs to verify your registered mobile number … not just Jupiter.

Seems like in Jupiter case it failed and we will check why? @Shawnpinto


That’s does make sense, Jiten. But I do I find it odd that Fi was able to log in without the sms part.

Yet, can we get a username + mPIN / password login mechanism though?

While doing verification of mobile its send the SMS to verify the device but every time its get failed. In Jio case its Fine if the operator is BSNL Or Airtel or something else its get failed.

trying of 10-15 times than its get success after eating the whole SMS Pack.

From the starting everyone is facing this i have not faced because as i told its work fine on jio.

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Normally banking apps send an SMS while registering devices. This is very well visible specially on iOS as it opens messaging app and let user decide if that’s something he is really intending to do. But in case of FI it works bit differently, it is registering the device without sending the SMS. It asks for mobile no., sends a text on that, asks user to provide OTP. Meanwhile in background it somehow detects the actual no. on the device. Its definitely not sending the SMS & it doesn’t rely 100% on OTP as well as I tried using it on different mobile having different no. and it didn’t work.

Fi did not ask me for an OTP.

I clicked the app, and it loaded my balance screen in maybe five seconds. No logins and definitely no OTPs.

That was fast, and we need to know how they pulled it off.

I agree with Carolin on the sms part. I’ve had to retry sending the sms multiple times on my iPhone because it ends up a failure.

Starts of with this:

And usually ends with this:

It irks me the most because Airtel charges me ₹5 for every sms, and that racks up quite a bill because I got to attempt multiple times lol.


Hey guys, the team is aware of this issue. The best minds are looking into it! :male_detective:t4: :mag_right:


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that’s because you’ve restored icloud backup so FI app data has been restored and FI has somehow detected that phone no. has not been changed so it works flawlessly.

Something like a pre cache system? :thinking:

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