Why Federal Bank saying there is no ATM card available in my account?

Is Jupiter debit card is a prepaid card ??
Why it’s showing like this ??

You can’t register for Net Banking because Jupiter doesn’t provide net banking services.

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No it’s not a pre-paid card it’s Debit Card which is issued by Federal & Jupiter

Then why federal Bank saying no atm card available in this account…
My friends with fi account they can register net banking in federal Bank! Why not Jupiter ??
I want to make this my primary bank account but if an important feature net banking facility is not available with this account then how can I make it my primary account :pensive:

I told you earlier that Jupiter doesn’t provide net banking services it’s a Neo Bank.

But Fi, Niyo they are also neo banks and they’re providing it

RazorpayX has the best net banking website.

isn’t razorpayx only for business accounts ?

Yes they open current accounts.

@nirrvann I would request you to complaint it to federal bank first. If they deny write to banking ombudsman. I am saying this from my own experience as I had the same issue with SBM bank accounts, but they were not listening. So, after waiting for 30 days, I wrote to banking ombudsman and then I was provided internet banking for all my 4 SBM accounts. The whole process took 2 and half months though. So you definitely will need some patience.
Every scheduled bank has a customer grievance redressal system. So before going to banking ombudsman you must raise your issue with Federal bank itself.
Until and unless Neo banks in India gets regulated, I won’t be able to rely totally just on their app. Hence I need the access to their parent’s bank internet banking system. Not getting access to parent’s bank mobile app is not an issue for me.

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Federal Bank said Jupiter app itself will provide all services!

Couldn’t understand your question. are you not able to order Debit card from app?

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I got the debit card but when I had tried to do fednet registration it shows that there is no Atm card available in this account as mentioned in the picture.

Just a query regarding SBM net banking.
Do you find it useful at all ?
I find to be lacking even the very basic feature a banking website should have in India. My idea is that it is one of the reason Finin failed to grow, as their parent banks system itself is in infancy.

@Krishnendu_Chowdhury I agree that it’s not a full fledged system but is useful for me. I have one SBM account with vested which do not provide any facility to withdraw from that account and now with net banking facility I can.
Almost all the SBM partner use Yap as their API provider which remains down from 11 pm to 4 am on most of the days. So it’s helpful in this case also.
Bonus thing is that we can create FD using net banking.
SBM is definitely in its nascent stage and is partnering with Fintechs aggressively to establish itself.
Finin definitely has come to a halt but it works. Major benefit of Finin is free atm withdrawal. If you want 0 forex card you can go with Niyo SBM or FI or NiyoX.
For international remittance you can use bookmyforex or hopremit.

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Hey, You can create a savings account in Fi and then you won’t find it difficult to register in Fed netbanking through Fi debit card. And you can choose your primary account in the net banking among the 3 bank accounts of Federal.

@DEBASISH_SAHU But how can I open an account with Fi? Few weeks ago I tried but it showed I’m already having an existing federal Bank account (which is with Jupiter) that’s why I wasn’t able to onboard. What to do then

We solved for Jupiter account wherein existing account holder can open account with us . We can’t solve for other’s functionality

Yes Sir I really appreciate Jupiter and it’s better than Fi in all aspects apart from Fednet registration.

Few days ago one of my friend able to onboard on Fi and he already had account with Jupiter at that time.
If you’re facing problem you can contact customer support team.

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