Update: When can existing federal bank customers open a Jupiter account?

@sahil-sorathiya Sir any positive update for us ??

I loved the way the action taken against him.
He should have been banned the last time he spread false news about Amica

Amazing :slight_smile: That’s I want to see :slight_smile:

@Bankofthefuture @Jiten Shed some light on this topic.

Usernames like @amica @jupiter etc should be reserved by the official team so that nobody takes these usernames to spread any misinformation.

Vodafone_India is losing its steam.
No! we will not throw Jupiter to gutter after few days because it has many values associated with it and in centre of it has a very humble,energetic, compassionate individual @Jiten and we won’t desert him because he is making a great product and often time it takes time to built and we all are with him .Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly a product like Jupiter won’t too.
I can wait and so can many many more people in and out of community.
You are just a troll and everyone knows your reality here.


I don’t think that’s true. But it’s true that most of us are eagerly waiting because of the reward section of Jupiter.
And It might happen that most of us won’t visit or rarely visit this community after we get access to Jupiter. It has already happened after the release of Jupiter to new customers most of the regular community members seem to rarely visit this community.

First of all.

It’s not Gusla It’s Gupta.

And One Last thing for Haters.

Haters gonna hate me their sister gonna date me.

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Now this is much offensive and deserves an action to be taken. @Jiten @sahil-sorathiya

Hey Everyone,

Couple of points I wanted to mention:

  1. While I understand that we are all passionate about Jupiter, we should be all be civil and constructive. No abusing, no politics. Be respectful.

  2. We are trying to build a product that will exist for decades. We need your support to build it. So please shower us with feedback that helps the product, helps the community.

  3. Banking is about trust. We can’t have bugs like any other internet company. So we have to be on point with every release, so we can’t into releasing rashly.

  4. Lastly on the date of the releases: We try to give you internal dates we chase, and everything that we can share because we feel that you are co-creators of Jupiter. Push us to deliver on time, it pushes us as well. But there are some constraints that we have. So just requesting you all to be slightly more mindful of the same. So be kind to PMs and the team at Jupiter.

While I say the above, we all report to you (our users, our community of cocreators), so keep pushing us.


I might be ranting a bit here. But the sheer amount of cash back related mania in the community is disappointing.

So wanted to reinstate this from an earlier thread -

Cashbacks are good. But don’t miss out on the broader picture too.

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True, very few would use this account if there are no rewards, most people on Jupiter have other bank accounts as well, but their card is a 1% lifetime free cashback card, so for the foreseeable future, like 3 years I don’t expect any reward nerfing. The rewards need to be distribute because the interest is one of the lowest if not the least in the industry, so people won’t flock around Jupiter.

No one at Jupiter is trying to spread fake news, Maybe next week wouldn’t have been the best wording, but you really need to forgive them, they have been hard at work fine tuning their services and have “rigorized” their testing standards. Things often get delayed. Learn to accept and respect what we get rather than bash them. This is also early-access if you really want the best experience wait for Stable roll-out.

@JupiterTeam Please add a button on your website to get notified when Jupiter goes out of Early-access and Beta mode.

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Beta is already closed recently I checked Jupiter Roadmap.

They clearly mentioned that they have close the beta but Jupiter is still in Early Access Mode.

Yesterday few Telegram channel posted that now Jupiter is wrost and review on Play Store to 0 :star: but this is not good.

People think Jupiter is the source of earning money but Jupiter is not the source of earning money they are NEO-BANK.

And They are providing good experience.

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Absolutely, Jupiter is not a charity

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We will generally be averse to users who are considering Jupiter for only cashbacks. we definitely may not meet their expectations. Ok to loose those users


@Jiten @Bankofthefuture Any updates for existing users?

@Jiten no sir, the way of thinking is not good, saying that everyone is using Jupiter only for cashbacks is totally wrong.
Anyway any update regarding existing user ?

existing federal users are already allowed now. Issue is with Fi users as bank has to make lot of changes in their APIs to enable as their internal duplication system is not equipped to do today. We are working with them even though bank has no incentive to allow the same.

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But still it is showing federal bank account detected. I Am not a fi user

Are you a Fi user @DudeHiman ?