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Bad marketing. Every product rewards early adopters. Here the people who had signed up early are lagging behind.
And what kind of marketing it is to share and tell the world and recruit others when the product has not been launched. And no one has used it yet firsthand.

At last but not the least. There is nothing so “wow” about the product. You are just selling Federal bank account with 2.5% interest rate. Is it worth all the gaga?

Niyo has done at least better. By tieing up with IDFC earlier and now Equitas. Until the honeymoon period (until the bank wanted to build CASA) they offered high interest. And people were interested. Today no one is loyal to a particular bank. Yes, for safety one has either SBI or HDFC. Apart from that, every other bank is for just need-based.


Niyo was a total flop with their product Niyo IDFC First Bank Savings Account. Don’t know how well they do with thier new product NiyoX. From my experience Niyo is totally unreliable.

For those most priority is interest for their SB A/C, then Federal bank is not an ideal option because only offering 2.5% PA.

It seems Jupiter is planning to overcome this by their on Taylor made offers & reward system. Let’s see how it goes. Waiting to experience it.


Forget Niyo. I am talking about the underlying banks.
IDFC app is good enough. I have never visited their bank after I opened the bank account. Also, now Govt./ RBI has also made things easier for account holder e.g. Video KYC to open account, KYC documents on emails are accepted .etc.
So I don’t know if there is a need for a Niyo account at all.

This as I have mentioned, people have multiple cards, bank account for different purpose and until and unless once collates the data and creates a profile it’s half-information and basis that you can’t judge a person.
And the way world is leading, “your data is your data only” is being applied by Apple and soon Google Play would follow and then Apps won’t be able to sneak through the user data. Everything falls flat then.

Still no compulsion to go with this. Those who are interested can enroll… :blush:

My views can differ here. But everything has it’s own value. Even if that’s not apparent. The value of losing interest rate by depositing amount in bank accounts is security. The value of buying pricey iPhones with way less features is interconnection or user experience for some people.

The crude numbers might let anyone question decisions of purchasing a certain product. So, there’s a room to question the intrinsic value you might be getting.

My views might be different. But losing out on some interest rates from Jupiter gives me the value of avoiding pesky ads, coupon codes promoting unnecessary consumerism, a hopefully intuitive UI, co-creation and getting an active community like this one.

So the intrinsic value of Jupiter might be making up better when you think about interest rates.
Or maybe the places you get high interests might actually find pesky ways to make you spend more.

To repeat myself again, my opinion might be different, but crude numbers can’t show the underlying value the product might have.


Talking about this marketing.
Every brand respects and appreciates and rewards the first few customers who sign up for their services. The early adopters. Here people who signed up for the service are lagging behind in the queue. I was in early 2000 and 5% cashback when I had signed up. And now I am in the 5000’s. I wonder if this marketing is good to retain customers. I am an early adopter than someone who came in late. I took the plunge to register. But someone else comes in later and mindlessly shares (or rather spams) their friends and other groups to get ahead in the queue. Is that the right strategy for the brand? How will I share with my friends, if I only haven’t experienced it yet. I hope the marketing team is taking note of it. It’s all noise. And the real early adopters who discovered it in early-stage would leave. That’s not good for the product. I hope they realize it before it is too late.

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@Divyaansh_Agarwal @Jiten For your kind notice.

To be honest, I am not obligated to respond here how we make revenues. you would learn over period when you use product. Be assured that we won’t charge anything which is not being disclosed.


@Jiten your response fits for the another topic thread where we were discussing Bullet. That’s where I had enquired about revenue model of Bullet.

Here, on this thread, I tagged you to bring to your kind notice about the marketing stunt of Jupiter where early birds are lagging behind because the late entrants are spamming to get their friends etc to join and climb up the ladder (without even experiencing the product yet). You never know the early birds who had discovered it say last year and had registered much before the late entrants are the real influencers for your product.

Would request you to read it again.

@rupeshmandal Beg to differ. I dont think anyone is lagging behind. Marketing is to be done in a way where you influence multiple people on a single idea. We already know a brief on what the product is going to be and we can tell other people about this. The reward is given based on the number of people you have brought it, who have signed up, because of them the company has reached to a different exposure and a wider customer base. Also, till we get invited to the beta program, we are not a early adaptor. We can only contribute our thoughts in this space and selected few will also a get chance to be part of the program. Also, how has the influence happened, if we haven’t made other people register here.


I agree with you arjun :+1:

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Hello Fellow Jupiterians , I hope you all are signed up for the Waitlist and so do I,
came to know that Jupiter has launched early access program , please check my
application for the same, would like to contribute as a beta Tester.

I know I’m quite late to the thread but could we look at the low interest rate issue from a different perspective? We can use Jupiter as a chequing/expense account instead of expecting it to be a savings account. If interest rate is your make or break factor then you could probably look at other investments such as FD, mutual funds, ETFs, Stocks, SGB as nowadays savings accounts are not the best option to earn returns. I think the idea was quite clear for me when I signed up as I was looking into a product which tracked my expenses and categorises them so that I can budget more efficiently and also a reward system for my spends. I couldn’t find one product that was offering solution to both the problems. I opened an account yesterday and I feel that the promises that were made in tracking expenses and rewards are both being kept up.

Now NiyoX is doing great. I’m using niyo service since 2018. Definitely Niyo IDFC was a flop but Niyo in tie up with equitas finance bank is giving service like unlimited joy.


Agree. We have provided so many feedback to them. They sould have announced it beforehand that niyo IDFC is a pilot project. Anyway IDFC bank app itself is so feature full so I am not gonna miss the niyo IDFC app at all.

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True. They have only announced about ditching their IDFC app . Not sure what will happen once the current debit card expires. Will IDFC continue this particular product in near future!! A lot needs to be answered.

Anyway let’s not hijack the thread with something that is not related to Jupiter.

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Yeah signed up already but waiting to land on jupiterr :grinning:

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Firstlist in ending tomorrow at 4th July, Midnight IST.

Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already! And refer to be on top of the list to get early access and the most rewards :slight_smile: