Do really get CC or we just discuss here

Now i am really getting this doubt? Do we really get card or just we will get hyp in community page😌 @Shawnpinto

I think once the phased rolled out and the testing & random selection process is complete, every user may have the option to apply for the card, possibly by the end of November. Let’s hope for the best. :v:t2:
Hope @Jiten confirms

Random selection shouldn’t be done as there’s already a waitlist.
I’m no more interested in the card now as random users have been receiving the invites which also forced me to place the request for account closure too today morning.
Time to bid good byes to Jupiter.

I am also planning to do so, feeling not worth of maintaining balance 10k. Transferred all money and maintaining 0 balance.

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From last 2 months my waitlist is 1,69,000

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They are doing nothing but a marketing gimmick. First, they provided different waitlist numbers for users who have shown interest in their credit card on either the Jupiter app or website. Then, they launched a half-baked product and kept us waiting for so many days. The card will not be a value addition; there are better cards available in the market.

Secured Card:

  1. OneCard
  2. IDFC Wow Card
  3. Paisabazar StepUp Card
  4. Niyo Global Credit Card

Unsecured Card:

  1. Amazon Pay Card
  2. Tata Neu Card
  3. SBI Cashback Card
  4. Axis Ace Card/Magnus Card/Airtel Card
  5. Flipkart Axis Card etc.
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It’s not entirely out to the public yet right? There’s nothing we can do than wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

Folks, there are still a few bugs in the onboarding process which are being sorted. I am one among the many initial set of users who got the option to apply for the card and have not completed the application phase as yet. I am not disputing anyone’s feelings/frustration about the delayed/somewhat interesting roll out. However, In the hindsight, it’s important these issues are encountered in a closed group versus a larger audience. The Kiwi launch is the best example where they got bashed for a buggy rollout to everyone. Before some of us decide to call it quits on our relationship with Jupiter, let’s give them consideration for these points.


We are not frustrated with the delay but with the excuses.
While the users with higher waiting list number are getting invites, people who have very low waiting list are not getting any invite and it is evident that the waiting list has no significance.
It’s very irritating when people around 72K waitlist get the invite but 5K don’t.
As a last hope, I’m gonna stick to relationship with Jupiter till month end and see if things are sorted out given the attachment with it or else it shall be adieu!!


@specter I am sure as the month progresses and bugs in the onboarding process are quashed, the more confidence the Jupiter team will gain to roll this out to a larger user base.