Update: When can existing federal bank customers open a Jupiter account?

Thank God you aren’t the CEO ! :slight_smile:

I also never had any Federal Bank relationship before I opened the Fi account. If I had known that both of them will have same partner bank and this will delay my Jupiter onboarding , wouldn’t have bothered with Fi as I’ve no use for what they’re offering as neo.
I even closed my Fi account 2 months back still stuck in the same predicament.

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Please check you DM and allow me to board.

Yeah, It was funny @goneo

Now, we can only wait for the updates from the team.

I know there can be many issues during the process. But these scenarios should have been taken into account before the launch only I think, it’s not that this is something which occurred after the launch. We couldn’t onboard in July, now August is over(multiple dates promised this month too)…hope to get access by October.
Nothing against Jupiter… just my feelings…

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Same here same here!

Be assured guys we will definitely onboard on Jupiter in 2021 :joy:

It’s a long shot man

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Any update? @Bankofthefuture @Jiten


@Bankofthefuture @Jiten Can we expect it today?

Hello @Jiten you told last week that existing federal customers (not fi money) can able to onboard now I have DM ed @Bankofthefuture many times but he didn’t give access.

Same for me also…it will be extended…no access for existing federal bank customers…I think so…it will be postponed to next month

No Onboarding For Existing Federal customers Team confirmed It. We are closing Soon.


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: what are u saying???

@Jiten @Bankofthefuture Any Updates??

Guyz don’t believe him.

He is telling lies you will be On-boarded soon!

As per Rohan they are still in testing Procces and it will be available for all soon!

Have patience.

@Amica has his own way of spreading rumours for the products of Amica.

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Yes man! This guy has no sense!

I could like to say just ban this type of haters.

Appreciate the community standing up.

Action taken:

  • Have banned the user for 1 year.

As a community we shouldn’t tolerate users spreading rumours, dissent, are combative, abuse others rather than provide constructive feedback.

Lets build Jupiter together. (will keep removing folks who stop us from doing that).