Existing FDL Customers Need Full KYC

Hii Team,

I have one question if someone is existing Customer of FDL Bank and they want to open a account with Jupiter then they need to do Full KYC in there existing Account
To open a account with Jupiter?

Please correct me if I’m wrong
@Jiten @sneh.baxi.

That’s true full kyc is must for such cases

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During on-boarding of existing Federal Customers will there be an option to add a new Communication Address or it will be auto fetched from the existing Bank record?

And do Existing Federal Customers have to do Full KYC for Jupiter?

There’s something strange happened with me, I opened fi.monay account and just by pan card they completed my full kyc saying we have fetched the data from ckyc. I’m using multiple bank account but everytime i opened a new account I’ve to complete mini and full kyc. This is the very first time without doing anything they completed the full kyc.

So now coming to Jupiter when it will be available for all will i again need to do kyc or not?
As bank has already my full kyc details.


Did you have an existing account with federal earlier?

No, fi.money is the first relationship with federal

CKYC seems to be a new thing. My CKYC was registered by Kotak bank. Later, when I opened Zerodha account, they automatically fetched my CKYC number and enabled the exchanges the next day.

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I have visited my branch and my Full KYC Is Done😊

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The same thing happened with me.
The process was very smooth though.

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What types documents they need for fully kyc

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You need to visit your home branch with your kyc documents address proof & I’d proof the Branch will complete your Full KYC instantly.

I think all Jupiter account holders share a common IFSC code which is FDRL0007777.
Which branch is your home branch?

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As I told in my previous post that I’m existing customer of Federal bank and my home branch is located at Kolkata.

I have opened my account in 2019 via Online thought Federal Bank Fedbook App.

That means the basic user tag must have been removed from your account.

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My account is not opened in Jupiter right now.

I completely forget that.

no problem it’s okay.

Yes same happened to me on the Fi.money. They fetched my KYC from CKYC.


You must confirm it with Federal Bank because Full KYC is required to open a account with Jupiter Mail Federal Team Tweet them and ask it.

Same happened to me.

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