How to enroll in CKYC

CKYC = Central KYC ( Know Your Customer) .

My query is how many ways to create ID in CKYC ?

  1. I know only one method, by any Demate Account ( investment) .

  2. As Jupiter is Going to Lunch Investment Tab , will it also create CKYC ID for first time user?

  3. If Someone Jupiter Account doens’t have Full KYC, what method are available now for Full KYC. Will CKYC applicable here?

  4. Is it only belong to Register mobile number or can validate through Adhar number also ?
    ( I mean user may have 2 phone numbers so will they able to use CKYC for both phone number while Onboarding new account anywhere?)

Just mail your mail and ask them they will do it easily.

My friend account was in Kotak and they generated the CKYC No.

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@CarolinMerces Jupiter Full KYC is pending so I wanted to get done at both :frog:

Jupiter won’t accept CKYC. Fi will accept it if you have.


Few days ago i recieved an sms that federal bank accessed my ckyc (i dont remember the exact statement )…
Is it jupiter or fi

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@Aswin_Benny Today I get about to same mail with attachment

Your KYC record ‘50*****38’ registered with Central KYC Registry has been updated by Jio Payments Bank Limited on 16-06-2022. Your Name, Current Address, Permanent Address, Contact Details, Photograph has been updated .

And my Jio Payment Bank is enactive from 2 year ( as not available any option for Full KYC here) .

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Both FI and Jupiter use federal bank infra.

But i was asking who accessed it :joy:

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Assuming Jupiter doesn’t use CKYC, and FI does…… probably FI?

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