Unknown Account Number Noticed in FedNet

When I logged into the fedNet for the first time, I noticed something strange. I saw that there are two accounts visible in my net banking. Both of them are of Jupiter NeoBanking with different account numbers. But currently I only use one account. How can I access (and close) the other account (with zero balance :sob:)?

1 is for pots account. FD wala. Another 1 is savings.


Verified is Savings Account.
Growth is fd / pots.

But sir, I’ve no fixed deposits (right now). I had 2 Fds but I closed them this month and invested in MFs.

It’s by default.

Profile > view all details in jupiter app, you can see a pots account with an account number. Just check if it is the same. I believe that account is for jupiter pots related features.

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Found It and yes it’s the same.