Uncomfortable Money situations #1 - Paying at the dinner table 🍽️

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We’re live with our first Money Situations task on our Community today!
If you’re still wondering what this is, here’s the introduction for the series -

So let’s start.

Situation for the week :spiral_calendar:

Let’s assume it’s been a tiring day at work and you and your friends planned to have a dinner party. It continues for hours and seems to be a lot of fun! :party_parrot:

Folks ordered a lot of food & drinks and no one was keeping track of the bill. After some time, you call for the waiter and the bill arrives :receipt:

The bill amounts to Rs. 7000 and 4 friends are involved, including yourself.

Things to consider - All you had was 1 salad and maybe a coke. Not much.

It’s time to pay up but you are thinking about splitting the bill equally or step up and tell your friends about how much you had to pay. Or maybe, another alternative to this?

Your choices :blobthink:

You will need to pick 1 of the below choices:

  • I will split the bill equally
  • I will only pay for my share
  • Ask someone to pay for my share & pay later
  • Something else? Comment below!
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What would you do in this situation? There is no right answer.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve faced this situation or a similar one.
How did you deal with it?



Usually, my friends who drank alcohol pay for the alcohol since they tend to be more expensive. The remaining bill amount is split evenly between everyone.


In my case, none of my friends have alcohol and all of us are certified foodies. So, no one can claim I ate less :joy:. So the bill is split equally


Within our circle of friends, there is nothing like splitting expenses equally or partially. :laughing:
The one who organizes or initiates the invitation for the meet ups pays the entire cost. Next time, the next friend in line takes the full expense during the next event, continuing this cycle. :smiley:


That’s an interesting approach.

But then what if I throw a small party with little expense while others give a bigger and more expensive one :blobthink:

Similar to @yagnesh01 sir’s approach

Same Restaurant, Same Menu, Same food, Only the person paying the amount changes :laughing: :laughing:

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@Shawnpinto I take up the initiative to justify the consumption done by everyone ! :rofl::rofl:
At the end , everyone is happy as no one is ready to do the maths :rofl:

We just split the bill evenly if there was no track of consumption. Occasionally one or two friends realize they just had a few snacks and paid more, then drama unwraps :joy:.

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It’s a tie between paying the bill equally or paying for my share! (Just 1% more) :exploding_head:

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In friend circle when we go out. We usually purchase a variety of food (Idea is to experiment with different taste) and split it equally. If someone buys something expensive, then he will pays for it.

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Same thing happened with me , when I go to college. But it’s limited to chai stall, dhaba , or small Shop or restaurant.

For bigger we pay equally.