Uncomfortable money situations #2 - Lent money, but didn't get it back? 💰

Hi everyone!

We’re back with another uncomfortable situation around money. Most of us have already faced this.
So let’s get to it.

Situation for the week :spiral_calendar:

You’ve lent some money to your friend. He wanted to buy something urgently and didn’t have the funds at that moment. Since you’re his friend, and trying to help him out, you’ve lent him the money.

A few weeks later, your friend seems relaxed and looks like he has the funds to buy things for himself.

On a random day, both of you go for lunch and while paying the bill, he hesitates. Nudging you to pay the bill instead.

Remember, he still owes you the money you’ve lent. Yet, asks for more by paying his share.

It’s a common story: a friend in need, an open hand, and a promise to repay. But what happens when that promise lingers unfulfilled, leaving you caught between financial strain and a strained friendship? The situation is delicate. You value your friend, yet the unpaid loan creates tension. Every reminder feels awkward, every unanswered message stings.

Your choices :blobthink:

You will need to pick 1 of the below choices:

  • I would recall the money I lent him
  • I would pay the bill now, remind him to pay both later
  • Make him pay now and recall the the money I lent
  • Something else? Comment below!
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Ultimately, the decision is yours :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Remember, clear communication and setting boundaries early on can prevent such situations in the future. Lending money can be an act of friendship, but it’s crucial to treat it like a financial transaction as well, protecting both your wallet and your bond.

So, what would you do in this situation? If you’ve faced something similar, please share your experience with others in the thread below!

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Hope! and be cautious in future!


While I have chose pay for him and remind him to pay both later, I honestly would not bring that up. I have a handful of friends (a very close knit circle) and would not want money to strain my relationship. My choice in the poll is what the head says and not the heart.


If my friend is experiencing financial hardship, I’d quietly offer to cover the expense without bringing it up again.
However, if they are financially stable and attempting to take advantage of the situation, I would firmly request that they take responsibility for the payment. There’s no room for excuses in that scenario.

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The best way to tackle such situations is to say I give give X amount and never ask him request for funds in future. Assume you will lose the X amount completely

P.S : Lost some amount like this


I would just let it go if he or she doesn’t pay it back, even after asking or following up now and then, and cut off ties completely for good. I can attest from personal experience that financial matters are utterly disastrous; they truly do destroy everything. I remember helping a lot of people, but none helped me back when I was in need.

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I did this as well. Nice way to get rid of such people. Lend them some money so they don’t show their face again. If they are humble and decent enough who care for you will return your money and value the relationship. But if they don’t, then it’s ok get rid of such people.

If you don’t lend money, you may lose friends, but if you do, you risk losing both the money and the friendship.

Kinda like what my senpai did in her past. People nowadays ask for help when actually they aren’t in any trouble like asking money so they can pay bills or emis or even to buy something. We should only help people who are in real trouble not to fullfill people’s desires.

If you make friends so they can help you in trouble then that’s not friendship that’s done to take benefits.

In my entire life I never asked any friend for any kind of help yet I’ve stick with two guys from my school time (trying to get rid of but it’s hard). They often ask money and they do return it back but asking money for little financial things and I never seek their help in anyway.
They say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But it’s you who need to check whether their Need is actually something like a grave trouble or regular expenses.