Uncomfortable money situations #4 - The roommate who never pays 🏘️


For this weeks topic, it’s more towards folks who have a roommate :houses:
So, let’s move on to our next situation for the week.

Situation of the week :spiral_calendar:

You live with a roommate who has a history of being unreliable with shared bills. Despite agreeing to split the utilities each month, they consistently pay late or short, leaving you to cover the gap and creating tension within the living situation.

You hesitate to confront them directly for fear of jeopardizing the friendly dynamic, but their financial irresponsibility impacts your own budget and peace of mind.

What would you do? Vote below :point_down:t3:

  • Speak to roommate and highlight the situation
  • Help roommate get better with financial decisions & habits
  • Go bonkers and make him PAY instantly
  • Something else? Let us know below
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In this situation your financial decisions and friendship are on the line. How would you manage to win both sides?

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve faced this situation or a similar one.
How did you deal with it?

Happy Friday!


I would look at some other place to live.


lol but true, its better to live with someone who knows their basic responsibilities and keep their promises


It’s best to make him aware of your condition and how his recklessness impact you and your financial conditions. If he or she doesn’t care then get someone else involved.

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beat the hell out of him and get the money recovered …lol he is a friend …just kidding


You got us in the first half! :sweat_smile: