Unable to get instant loan

I’m maintaing good account balance, I do transactions from Jupiter & Also purchase digital gold, but i can’t able to eligible for instant loan. I call customer care & chat about this issue multiple times. But they just told “this issue will solve soon & you will be notified when the instant loan available.” but still I am facing this issue, Please resolve it.

Hai @ANK1 Welcome to the community.
Eligibility for a personal loan depends not only factors like maintaining good balance, transactions and gold investments. But it considers factors like your credit score, number of loan accounts, repayment behaviour, overall credit utilisation etc.
I suggest you to always check your recent credit score and see it doesn’t contain any negative factors.
Also, try mailing to support@jupiter.money for more clarification

I don’t have any credit score.

Hello @ANK1, perhaps that could be a one factor to the loan rejection.
Are you currently a student?
Consider using pay-later services or opening a secured credit card backed by a fixed deposit. Doing so could help build your credit score.

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