Something Snapped

I am an android user and jupiter app is showing “something snapped and please try after sometime ” error while trying to take loan I have tried clearing app cache and data and also updated the app but no luck.

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It would be better to send an email to along with details whether you were trying for the personal loan or mini loan etc… and also you can paste the ticket ID here

Ok sure i wil send the mail

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Here i am attaching the ticket ID, #2855664

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The issue is not resolved yet.

This is a user specific issue. The app is working fine as now.

I’m having the same ‘something snapped’ issue from today while opening the app. I guess some maintenance is going on.

The app is working fine… i have no complaint about the remaining working of the app… the problem is only for the specific feature i already mentioned. “This is a technical issue” said jupiter techical assistant team and asked me to wait until 5 working days… yesterday the 5 working days over and still i am facing the issue… please try to understand what is the problem.

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@universe @Deepakkv what you’ll need to understand i did mention this is a user specific issue. I acknowledge each of you is facing a challenge in using the app and its services (either all the features or a specific feature).

Raising issues with the support team and following up with them as the ideal way to report the issues and getting them resolved.

Make no mistake, it’s not that I don’t face challenges or bugs with my app experience. The only difference is under the guise of giving feedback i do not keep ranting about the issues i face. I follow a simple mindset - my issues may not be everyone’s issues and it makes absolutely no sense to keep influencing everyone’s opinion about the services especially new users who also depend on the community platform to form their perception.

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