Refund Not Credited

I have done a transaction of Rs 5357 on 18th August. Out of which , Rs 5028 was due to be refunded to me by Amazon. Amazon has issued the refund on 18th Aug. But it has still not been credited to my Jupiter Account. Chat Support just gives a bunch of automated replies. They don’t have any idea .Customer support is shitty…

Please help. I have Refund Reference Number provided by Amazon.

@Jiten @sneh.baxi please help me to get refund. I’m in urgent need of money. But money is still not credited. Please help for god’s sake :pray:.

@Jiten please help me sir . Money is stuck. I’m very worried. Please I pray to you.

@Vipul_Mehta please help sir . Chat Support isn’t helping. Im in urgent need of money but money is stuck from past 7 days.

@Shubham_Kumar1 I am here to help. Yes, I see you have been writing to us. Let me call you and get this fixed asap!

don’t share any personal information in publicly

Dm @Benny directly.

@Benny any update .??? I urgently need money and Jupiter has kept me on hold for 7 days.

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can someone remove his number from here please? @JupiterTeam

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