Problem facing on completing vedio kyc

This problem showing when i choose without physical pan card option
Please help me

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@Vishnus I am guessing you are facing an issue with completing the video KYC. If you have not reported this issue via the support channels, please do it. A ticket# will get assigned and your issue will get tracked closure.


Dear @Vishnus, Welcome to the community.
I kindly request you to edit the post to the issue you are currently facing (if possible, attach the images too).
It would help the team to understand the actual issue :+1:

Edit Thanks for editing and posting the actual content.

I think Jupiter needs an Actual PAN card to process your request(since the signature may be missing from it, if you have applied directly with aadhaar database )…not sure, but Hopefully the team will look into it and resolve the issue asap.

I think there is an issue with Federal Bank or NSDL server. Or there could be an issue with Jupiter’s server itself.
@Vishnus Try doing it again tomorrow. If the same issue occurs again, try reinstalling the app once. If the issue persists, report it to Jupiter’s support channels.

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So this is a feedback about completing you KYC and Getting a full account.

You need to figure out a way to get KYC done without video call.
Considering the options, we have today with tech and integrations I dont think this should be a challenge.
Saying this from a live example of my self. I have gotten a full account yet only because you ask to get on a video call.

Some ways to pull this off can be-
You can do a video liveness check with Face scan apps.
The liveness check also authenticates ID’s making the process moreseam less.
An example of such a platform is : Faceki

What’s the issue with the existing video kyc process?