Advice on KYC

Hi. I am a new member to Jupiter and have been trying to finish the Kyc process. The thing is my father’s caste name has been added in front of the name and the usual one. Like Reddy Korspatti Damodar Reddy . I have an account already with another bank which was opened after my PAN Card got updated and they had no issues regarding this. But here they are saying that I have to change my PAN Card details and then do the verification. While my father’s details were being entered it was correct. Don’t know how and why the caste was entered like this twice. Any word of advise on how and what to do regarding this? Since I don’t want my Jupiter account to be closed.

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@Shawnpinto will help you

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Have you already contacted customer support via phone?
I suggest you to mail the issue to

Thanks for the suggestion. Will mail the concern