Pathetic customer support

My transaction of 5000/- has been wiped out in thin air 4 days back. Despite repeated complaints over Twitter, LinkedIn, In-app grievance redressal, nothing has been done.

This bank is a fraud. I would close my account immediately after RBI Ombudsman takes action against them.


Hi Shubham,

We are in receipt of your complaint and working on solving it asap.

Will come back to you as soon as we have an update for you.


Hi Shubham,

Our team has confirmed that the issue is resolved. Please refresh the App once and you will see the exact balance as expected.

We are very sorry to have put you through this trouble and would like to assure you of our best services in future.


How many more times have you siphoned off from my account. I’ve been a Jupiter Customer for more than 1 year and this is how you treat your pro customers.

Friday: Money gets wiped off from account.
From Friday, I’m frantically raising requests from in-app help section, Twitter, LinkedIn. Nobody is giving me a satisfactory response.

4 days of agony and harrassment. Will you bear the damaged for the losses I faced due to this?

It’s fortunate that I noticed suspicious activity on Friday. God knows, how much more have you siphoned off silently.
Out of thin air, money disappearing without leaving a trail in the accounts transaction page.

I’ve transferred all my funds to different account. I’m not going to use Jupiter ever again.
This is fraud.

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Same issue with me . My Rs 3000 is trapped in various pots. and my savings account disappeared one fine day. They are not doing anything to fix the issue