Jupiter holding 20000 of my friends money

my friend got this sms from jupiter on 7th march 2023

Due to an unsolicited credit
transaction in your account, ₹20000
from your balance is on hold. To
resolve this, please respond to
the email you’ve received from

somebody sent him 20000 on 2 march 2023. the guy who sent the money called and immediately begged him to send the money back saying he accidentally sent him the money. my friend checked his balance and he was indeed credited with 20000 so he tried to sent the money back but he had just changed phones and had the 5000 transaction limit for 48 hours and soon he sent the full 20000 in 5 transactions of
1 x 2000
1 x 3000
3 x 5000
he had sent the full amount by 4th march 2023
to the bank account of the guy
he asked for the guys id before the transfer and the name on the id matched the name on the bank account
right after the unsolicited credit transaction sms came his salary of 8000 came and jupiter took that
we are both students living and pursuing our education by working two jobs 8000 is a lot of money for us

we have all the transaction screenshots and phonepe chats with the sender and his aadhar card id and account statements.

please help us resolve this as soon as possible please.

thank you


I went to the nearest federal bank and they informed me that they can’t help me only jupiter can. and they also said normally banks can’t reverse a transaction without the account holders consent. this does not seem to be the case for jupiter “bank”


Bank should not refuse to you. Please directly contact with Manager (its important step, don’t skip) .

Ask him, are you really can’t do anything in this?

If he denied then, it may be push them in trouble for irresponsibility.

It may happened because, after Wrong traction that guy may Raised request for chargeback but after receiving money back from you. He not closed that request. And you send money with splited transaction, tgats why bank not able to track that transaction.

Did you transacted on same account from where you recieved money? (Its important)

Also contacted to that person’s Bank & NPCI UPI (NPCI handels chargeback requests) send proof of chat, And transactions screenshot.

And call that person and take statement from him that he recieve his all money and not have any problem.

You can also DM me for further help.

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Maybe that’s happening…

Don’t do it again, if you receive money from wrong account, don’t back them self… If the person is unknown… Maybe it’s also a trapped

Or if he submits reverse payment… Then you face problem like this…

Now contact with Jupiter they’re always helpful

In future don’t back money youself, just told the person you can’t do anything… Please submit charge back request in your bank.


Hello @Fahis We will need to get this checked.
Have you connected with our support team yet?

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@Shawnpinto yes he have already contacted the support on the helpline and they said he will get an email from inchargeback@jupiter.money and i can get help only by through that mail. i have mailed them with all the transaction details and screenshots they said they forwarded my concerns to the remitter bank for further action and it will take atleast if not more than 15 days. i have a doubt what is ment by the remitter bank here , and the 8000 that was took from his account has it already reached in the bank account of the guy who made the chargeback request or is the bank holding it until it gets sorted.


i have seen two different officers in bank and both of them talked to the manager and said that federal bank just only provides the accounts and databases to jupiter and jupiter takes care of the rest so only jupiter can only help me incase of any problems and that normally if i transfer some funds to a wrong account then i can place a complaint in the bank and they will ask for the consent of the account holder that you sent the funds if they can take the money back and if they grant the request only can the bank reverse the transaction. that was not the case here


You can put your complain in https://pgportal.gov.in/ in this website.

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Not need, he shared story & and Email via DM

he Don’t have problem with managers. They explained him well. Here is only he need to prove His friend that he returned That Person money. And Jupiter will unhold friends money.


For fastest solution, it’s could help