Our Public Roadmap on Trello 📝

Spoiler alert :blob:

Share your ideas here - What do you think about membership plans?


Can’t wait for membership rewards!!!

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  • The next lab tests will be for our investment feature. Our lab testers get to try it out first :slight_smile:
  • Bill payments will be after this. This is also one of our main feature focus.
  • Dark mode/ UI is currently out for the rewards page. More features will adapt to this style. Few sneak peeks will be shown around.
  • There will be a revamp for the Money tab as well. The payments tab is already WIP.

What about the space galaxy theme (the theme we have on DiscourseHub)? That’d be dope.

@nateavi It’s going to be a materialistic approach for now. A bit of grey here and there too.

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@here Some updates:

  1. Many of us tested the Home page Discover 2.0, Investments, and BBPS. This will be released to more users soon. (Lab tests 2,3 & 4 respectively)
  2. Money tab is getting a major revamp! This will be our Lab test #5. Excited to test it with everyone :slight_smile:
  3. Pots is gonna go “super”. We will be revamping the Pots feature and its already in the works, ready to be shipped. This will be the #6 lab test.
  4. Foreign remittances feature is being built.

Please add FIT rules or “keep the change” to pots. It’s odd watching pots sit there and collect dust.

It needs to be front n centre (metaphorically of course), and play an active role with spends. The more we spend, the more we should have the option to set up Pots to collect a few pennies so it grows over time. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


We wants pots to include in monthly balance in order to earn 1 percent cashback


The payments tab is getting a major revamp.
This will be the next lab test -#6. We can’t wait to show you folks the new look :see_no_evil:

Stay tuned!


Can’t wait. Expecting some quality of life updates :smile:

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Let’s see what’s on the table :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, so that is the reason why the app is playing games.

When clicking on the Payments tab, I see the attached screen for like 2 seconds and then it changes to the good old transfer page.

For 2 seconds:


2 seconds sneak peek :eyes:
I see the rounded edges already.

Pssst… heard there’s gonna be a metal card :credit_card:

Oh! And subscriptions are in WIP. The UI for this is like no other. We can’t wait to show it to you folks :slight_smile:

The next lab test is gonna be for the all-new revamped payments tab. I.e, Lab test #7
Yikes, we reached 7 already?! More to come :cool_doge:

In addition to revamped payments tab, we’ll be introducing pay to self option in the coming weeks. We’ll test it with the community.


I can’t wait for the metal card yo! Hope you’d let us customise it a bit tho.

And please, give us more options than space fire / orange / bajrangdal edition.


We’re definitely not calling it that! :sweat_smile:


Trello update :alert:

Email ID change will be out in a few weeks :party_parrot:

We’re also currently building these:

Join the discussion here - Foreign remittances through Jupiter! Thoughts?

Join the discussion here - Upcoming EMI feature! Need your thoughts

More info on Card offers soon.

We’re targeting to launch mobile recharge by the end of Sept, 2022. (TBD)

ENACH support is currently under internal testing. We’re aiming to launch this as soon as possible.

Spoilers ahead :eyes:
We’re coming up with a new game/challenge. Perhaps similar to the savings challenge?
We’ll have to find out~

Oh and, heard there’s some ‘metal’ in it. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned folks!



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Trello update:

We’re working on making the app launch time (time taken between app icon click and mpin or biometric appearing) faster. :rocket: :metal:t3:

We are expecting a 30-40% improvement.

We’ve heard multiple pieces of feedback from the community + internal folks about the app launch speed. Hence, this should be one of the best app upgrades of the year :rocket:

We’re aiming to release this in a month or more. It’s currently under internal testing. (TBD)

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on load time for other apps?

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Hope this will be reduced application loading time.