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@Shawnpinto best update ever… I stopped paying on upi using jupiter just because of the issue…

Fi: Fi was the fastest one before… Now basic structure of app loads but takes too much time for the contents to load…

Gpay : my favourite app in terms of clean ui but issue is with payment failures. Removes oksbi handle now kind of fine. Loads fast

Niyox: takes time for the loading animation. Remaining is really fast…:zap:

Phonepe, paytm all are better too (hate the ads though)


Jupiter PRO feature suggestion: Maintain 10K MAB to get lounge access

Great news…
Faster loading will definitely nudge us to use Jupiter more. I hope it will match speed of Paytm n Phonepe.

Additionally, please try to have this flow for quick qr payments-

Scan n pay shortcut > QR scanner opened > screen to enter payment amount > Authentication by fingerprint

Check ICICI iMobile app. They did it wonderfully.

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@Dhruv You mean the long press app shortcut right?
I tried this on the iMobile pay app.

It was the same flow as the Jupiter app for scan and pay shortcuts though.

Oh and you’ve mentioned

I didn’t get any option to enter a custom amount :sweat: it only showed me the scanner.

Yes… that one.

It’s the screen where we input the amount to be payed. Its there.

iMobile does 4 things better than Jupiter-

  1. It directly open the scanner after clicking the icon. In Jupiter, it ask to login to app first & opens scanner after that.

  2. Fingerprint authentication vs UPI pin in Jupiter.

  3. In iMobile after inputting amount, can authenticate transaction via fingerprint in same screen. In Jupiter, we need to press send n then UPI pin screen comes.

  4. In iMobile we can pin favorite merchants & pay directly, without need to scan code each time.

PAYTM PAYMENT BANK as well did nice.

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Trello Roadmap update! :raised_hands:t3:

We’ve been working on multiple projects and here’s what is going to be released in the coming weeks.

1. Gift cards

This is currently live for a small segment of our users. It will be live for everyone soon.
Join the discussion here - 🎁 Introducing Gift Cards on Jupiter: Gifts for them, Cashback for you

2. LRS - International transfers

Screens revealed! Join the discussion here - Foreign remittances through Jupiter! Thoughts?

3. Buying and selling Digital gold on Jupiter

Screens revealed! Join the discussion here - Buying Digital gold on Jupiter

4. New homepage revamp

That’s right! The homepage is getting another round of revamping. :houses:
Share your thoughts on the current one - Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠

Additional upcoming features:

  1. Subscription plan and pro account modifications, more added benefits.
  2. Mobile number change.
  3. ENACH (Delayed)


  1. App launch speed (WIP)
  2. Investments tab available to more users



@Shawnpinto Still no update on custom bank statements and pay again option.

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Just waiting for mobile number change , cause my account is in my father’s mobile number :confused::confused:

@Shawnpinto , What kind of upcoming subscription plan are you inferring to ? Seems interesting. :star_struck:

@niranjan_kumar That is in the works as well. We’ll share a date soon.
@Swagat_Panda Here, check this. This should give you a rough idea - What do you think about membership plans?

IMO, It will be good to have tie-ups with Jewellers to get physical gold in addition to cash as an option.

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Jupiter is not providing this feature

Still waiting for address change feature
last time I checked on trello, it was not even on the “to be picked next” list.
very disappointed tbh


Love the gift cards feature! The Ui looks cool, simplistic and well done.

Keep up the good work, team.


Please Fast track phone number change. I have a new number and this is the only account i have not yet updated for OTP’s. I know i can email the opt but still.

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@here Hello! Here are some updates.

Recent releases

  1. Enach support is live
  2. Nothing rewards campaign
  3. QFM v2 planning has begin.

What's coming up next?

  1. Lab test #8 - Digital gold on Jupiter! :moneybag:
    You can now buy and sell Digital gold directly.
    ETA by tomorrow or next week.

  2. Lab test #9 - Search bar on Jupiter :mag:
    You can search names, contacts, give commands, and more!
    ETA by end of Nov or Dec first week.

Stay tuned~


@Shawnpinto Is there a search bar for the different funds in money tab :thinking:. Couldnt find it.

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There’s no search bar if you’re navigating from Money tab > Mutual funds > Dashboard.
However, it’s seen on the investments tab (middle icon)

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Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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