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What is QFM v2?

Quest For Metal Version 2


Yes! It’s version 2.

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Can we have the phone number update feature soon please pending for a long time and don’t wanna wait for another year for such a simple request @Shawnpinto


Trello update! :scroll:

Most of the upcoming features are shown here -

To summarise, the below are coming next.

  1. Quest For Metal v2
  2. International payments
  3. A better PRO experience (PRO’s gone PRO? :crazy_face:)
  4. Mobile number change
  5. Investments
  • Learn with Jupiter
  • Fixed Deposits
  • ELSS
  • Download Tax statements

There’s more! But this should be enough for now.


Any plan on secured CC’s?

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Can’t wait for Jupiter Ultra Max Super Duper Extreme Pro

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I need Auto Save feature in Jupiter app as its available in Fi App powered by federal bank

Mainly: keep the change with custom value

Whenever we make any transaction using upi or card it round ups the value to 10,20 whatever we decide and remaining amount is added / saved into the selected pot so its awesome please integrate this feature in our Jupiter app then there will be no need to use other apps at all

Thats most important and amazing feature which is not available in jupiter app


That makes the two of us. Now we need more folks who’ve experienced the good stuff to convince our feudal overlords in making this a reality.

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The round up/ invest the change thingy is being considered!
@nateavi @harishpanditkar

It’s in planning phase right now.


@nateavi Surprises soon :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ve been asking for it for a loooong time. Next week, it’ll be here available for community members.

Guess what it is?

Hmmmmm…. That’s a tough call between Dark Mode and Auto Save rules. :thinking:

Close. We’ll see, I can’t spoil :cool_doge:

That federal one I think.

We finally get chutkara from their awful server Maintenance scheds?

Don’t give me hope, bhai.

Ohh :joy:

So if it’s not dark mode, I got a plan fellas. It’s quite elaborate and Game of Throne-esque.

So we all march to Bangalore with our pitchforks and torches.
Round up the product team and lock them in a conference room with a coffee day machine and tons of Maida (they can either make chappatis or pretend to snort em, i donno).
Nobody gets out until we finally get dark mode in Jupiter. :sunglasses:

angry mob

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Aye aye captain :fire::bow_and_arrow:

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