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Each Idea :bulb: can be approached in multiple ways.
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Let’s kickstart start with our most voted idea: Savings and Investments on Auto-pilot
Proposed by: @talinjb, Deepak, @ashu639, @noops24

What are your problems with investing right now and how do you envisage investing on auto-pilot?

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I’d really like this facility. This would be pretty helpful in putting away the money leftover post expenses towards the emergency fund and next into the next life savings goal (e.g., a house in my case).

I agree with the descriptive suggestions for this on the Trello Board.
But isnt it similar to the goal-based investment pods?

Omg This sounds like a great hack!
By having money automatically removed from the checking account and allocated toward retirement and other goals, that money is like gone—so like I wont be tempted to spend it on something else. What’s left in our checking account is all we have to spend!