Need to update my phone number

I have reached you guys many times via call and email regarding my issue. Now that I know one thing that there is no way for you guys to identify an account holder other than using his phone number which questions on why I should trust my pot funds to someone who doesn’t have a proper way to authenticate a customer even when biometrics and video verifications and lots are available.

I had got my phone stolen on Dec 13 and along with it, I lost my sim which was registered under my sister’s name and she is abroad right now. So I couldn’t get a duplicate of it. I went to the nearest federal Bank and updated my phone number over there and I had filled the email address registered on the form. They said I’d get access to Jupiter in 24hrs. Now that I am trying to login to my Jupiter, it shows a message that “the email is address is registered to another number (old number)”. I reached out to your customer support via call and chat number of times which I found to be a complete waste of time and energy. I had no issue with updating phone number at Kotak Mahindra which is my salary account. Why do you guys have no way of verifying an existing user other than phone number? I even got my Pan card and aadhar updated while you guys still have trouble sorting my issue out. Not even a ticket numbe was raised even after reaching out so many times. How can I trust someone like you when I have my savings pot stuck inside it? Is there no way for your system to authenticate an existing customer other than using phone number? Wow… explains a great lot of security in keeping the money inside the account, heh!

Hello Rohan,

We acknowledge your concern. The situation you’ve described is not reflective of the experience we aim to provide, and we sincerely apologize.

To ensure we promptly address the matter, we will connect with you via DM to seek your registered details to assist further.

@Rohan_R_Krishnan If it helps… your sister can give a letter to authorize you to take her SIM. The customer care personnel will have a video call with your sister to verify her identity and then issue the SIM with your ID proof. A proof for residence abroad should also be provided by your sister.

I have done this on Airtel for my friend’s mobile number.

Also I suppose the mobile number being used for verification may be cheaper & efficient for Jupiter. And that’s why they may have designed their systems and processes around the mobile number verification. Of course they should have taken precautions for these kind of scenarios.

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Well, I have already made changes in my other banks and even government id proofs. It’s just Jupiter who has these security issues. Let them sort this out.

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Yes. I can understand. Jupiter is the odd one out. :slightly_frowning_face: