Money tab improvements | Cash flows & more 📊

Usually the app is pushed in batches. I am not sure if it is done by Jupiter or Google Play.

Most probably you’ll get it in a few more days.

Last time I got the update late. This time I got it in the first wave I guess.

Yes, I can see 4 different boxes or tabs on the homepage

  1. Monthly Cash flow
  2. Networth
  3. Check top spends
  4. Savings Trend

Liked this idea of having seperate single click options on the homepage itself.

Btw @alexnazy Have you got the access to digital passbook after this update? Kindly check that too

No @razack. I haven’t got the access to Digital Passbook yet.

Note: If you’re an Edge Card user, then you may see the old Money tab until the next build.


Hello @Simranjit_Bakshi

Someone mentioned general release was supposed to be 15th September, has that been postponed?

I also filled out this form a while ago and I still don’t see the updates?

What else am I supposed to do for this new update?

My App version is 2.3.0


The roll out is segmented right now and we’re opening it up steadily. Should be visible to all users by early next week.

In the meantime, @Pratyushh don’t see your entry in the form - can you share the email ID, phone number you use on Jupiter? Please DM me and I’ll enable it.


@Simranjit_Bakshi sharing an update since the last message exchange. After receiving my salary last Saturday, this mismatch in actual account balance and balance in hand as per cash flow calculations. I have an habit of tracking the balances hence, I know exactly what is available in hand. However, for someone who does not do that, the difference in balances can be a challenge.

Thanks for the explanation.
I have shared the details over DM.

@arp4na I am not an Edge Card User Ma’am :thinking:
As I said earlier, I can see certain changes on the homepage and additions of certain boxes/ tabs on the homepage which are related to the Money tab

@Simranjit_Bakshi Till today, my Bills and Utilities are showing as Rs. 588 (BSNL LandLine). I have done more than 5 or 6 recharges, tagged under ‘Bills &Utilities’ But none of the amount reflect under the ‘Categories’ section of Cashflow

I am not an Edge Card user but I still cannot see the revamped Moneey page. I am on v2.3.0. Also, I am in for the online testing of the Money Pafe but cannot complete it because of this! Can you please look into it. (I am on Salary Account)

@razack how were these transactions done? Via your Jupiter account? Or account linked via AA?

We have 4 possible transaction channels -

  1. Using a Jupiter savings account - these will reflect instantly under categories and transactions
  2. Using a linked AA account but transaction not done on Jupiter - these will reflect typically with a 24 hour delay under categories and transactions
  3. Using a linked AA account but transaction done on Jupiter - the transaction will reflect instantly but under categories, these will reflect typically with a 24 hour delay
  4. Using an unlinked account via Jupiter UPI - the transaction will reflect instantly but they will not show up under categories since these accounts are not “tracked” on Jupiter unless you connect them via AA

Let us know which one is causing you trouble :slight_smile:


@Husain01 please share your email ID and phone number [those that you use on Jupiter] and I’ll get you added. Do DM me.


Any updates on when this will roll out? I still haven’t gotten it.

@Simranjit_Bakshi It’s been almost two weeks since I provided my details.

Any timeline on how much time it takes for such updates?