Money tab improvements | Cash flows & more 📊

Well, I am still waiting for it to show up for me, even after filling up the form for the same. I guess, I will be out for both :expressionless:

Which one though? :face_with_monocle:
Would you like to be a part of the HQ meet-up, or the online sessions?

The online one if possible! :sweat_smile:

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Got it. We’ll check if there are spots available by tomorrow.
If yes, we’ll try to get you in!


Awesome. Thanks!

Hello everyone! :hyper_wave:

We’ve randomly picked out our members for our offline and online sessions.
Tomorrow at 5pm, we’ll be having - @Ajieethdesign @Sanish_Samuel @alexnazy @Akash_Kumar @chaitanya_kumar_Mada at our Bangalore HQ!

We’d like to invite 5 more folks. Let us know if you’re still interested!

Let's have a meeting!

For the online sessions, we’ve selected @Apoorv_Pranshu @yagnesh01 @minhaj @kirankiran10333 @DigitaL @Navharsh_Kr @CHIRAG_C_RAO @Husain01 @Imashish and @Devansh_Bartwal for now.

If there’s more spots open, we’ll reach out to folks who have opted for it in the poll above.
Thanks and see you tomorrow! :party_parrot:


i changed my number in feb month from frb iam unable to access my jupiter account.
how can i access my account?

Yes For Webinar

Hi @Sumbria, I’m not sure where you updated your phone number. Frb? Was it through the Federal bank? or Frb mean February?
I recommend that you create a support ticket by emailing your issue to

I would like to be a part of it

Hey @Naveendjboss !!

Which one would you like to be a part of? The online sessions or the Jupiter HQ meet-up?


@Shawnpinto just checking if the online session is happening at a different time. I have not received any communication as yet

Quick update!

We just finished the product testing with our Community members at our Bangalore HQ.
It was super fun!

Sending in some snaps soon. Thanks for coming guys.

@yagnesh01 quick update, we’ll start the online sessions on Monday and catch up every Monday instead. It won’t be Friday!

It should ideally be over text/call, don’t worry.


Got it. Thank you for the update.

@Shawnpinto Super fun… indeed! :smiley:

It was great to meet a lot of the team members - I was able to put faces to a lot of names. :wink:

This meet-up was like most of the feedback that we gave was already on the Jupiter Team’s minds and in the works for improvement. I am glad to see that a company is taking notes from the customer even though they are one step ahead.

Again I am reiterating from my previous post. Be rest assured… Jupiter is going to do bigger things.

As usual you folks made us super comfortable. Thanks for having us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh ya… And we met @Shawnpinto and we checked… He is definitely NOT a bot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey folks,
I just downloaded the most recent version (2.3.0) of the app from the Play Store. :rocket:
Besides some minor updates to the homepage design, could someone provide more details about the other modifications that were made? :thinking:
I’ve noticed that the Money Tab and its subcategories look almost the same as they did in the previous update.

I haven’t gotten the update, despite being on the latest app version. Weird.

I noticed a few changes…

  1. In the homepage, Track your money
  2. In the side menu, Upgrade your account now

I like Track your money on the homepage. It quickly takes you to the sought out page.

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