Money tab improvements | Cash flows & more 📊

I’ve noticed today that the positions of two tabs, 'This month ’ and 'Net worth ', have been swapped.
Has anyone else observed this?

@Simranjit_Bakshi There are many duplicate transaction details in your statements from my other bank accounts.
So, the money tab was never useful for me, and the new cash flow feature as well. I was hoping you guys would fix it. But as you are working on new features, I would suggest you fix this duplication issue first, and then I could check the new features. Otherwise, whatever features you introduce based on transaction details are not useful for me :confused:

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For example, if someone sent ₹100 once, the statement shows it 10 times

which bank account?

Fi Money and Canara Bank. This duplication issue mostly happens with Canara transactions, but last month, one Fi (Federal Bank) transaction also doubled up


I too faced that particular issue in the earlier version (Bank-Canara)
Now it’s sorted out.


issue is there with kotak and sbi too

Many Fi account transactions are not showing for me.

I am not sure the problem is with Finvu or Fi.

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We’re back again with another Community event!
Members in Bangalore, you’re up.

I hope you’ve been using the revamped Money Tab (thanks for the detailed feedback you’ve given us until now), but we’d love to hear more. We want to see you in person!

We want our Community members to be a part of this journey and help us improve.
So, who’s in? :party_parrot:

  • :office: I can come to the Jupiter HQ
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Those who opt to join us in our HQ, we’ll connect with you and ask a few details.

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Friday, 15th September, 5pm to 6pm.
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would have loved to be there in HQ but I’m not in banglore rn so I will do it online…

Лекарства Пилюли Синяя Красная Матрица
My current situation is exactly like this :grimacing:
I was really eager to visit the Bengaluru office after seeing the snaps from the last event held there. Really desired to meet both the teams and community friends in person.
Unfortunately, time is running short on this Friday, and it’s impossible to get a train or bus seat.
Therefore, I’ll opt for the online option. :+1:t2:

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I would have chosen online. But I want to meet @Shawnpinto.

So if I am selected I would love to meet him.

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@Shawnpinto count me in for Friday !

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I was there in Bangalore but currently I’m not. If I was there i would have loved to visit


@Sreeharimkl Thank you for trying out the new money tab. Sincere apologise for the transaction duplication issues you’re experiencing with your Canara Bank account transactions.

As you may already know, Jupiter’s linked accounts rely on RBI’s Account Aggregator (AA) network, which allows your bank to share your transaction details and balances with apps like Jupiter, but this system is currently facing challenges similar to where UPI was five years ago. This has resulted in bank-level inconsistencies.

Canara Bank, in particular, does not provide clean and unique transaction IDs, leading to duplicate transactions :slightly_frowning_face:
While we have already taken steps to inform Canara Bank’s relevant team, your voice as a customer can have a significant impact. You can help by raising your concerns with your bank relationship manager or through the bank’s social media channels. Your feedback is invaluable in ensuring accuracy and resolving these issues.

For now, if Canara is only one of multiple linked accounts for you, removing the account would allow you to benefit from the Money tab features for all your other accounts.


@salonimehta Account aggregation is so much better nowadays. I remember in 2021 & 2022, it was far worse. I used to wonder why is this account aggregation feature even there.

Now it is great. I can see all my other account transactions without any issues (most of the time)

But yes… Canara Bank may need to step up for a seamless experience.

As for this issue, it’s sorted now. I can see those missing transactions. It was not showing in a day, but it showed up in a few more days.

@here Hey everyone,

The poll for our Friday catchup is now closed since we got a lot of interested folks. We’ve connected with some of you for both offline and online catchup - awaiting confirmation from you! Please check your DMs :email:

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Since we’re making this a regular thing, there will always be future opportunities for you to tune in!

And yes, I’ll be there at the HQ this time :party_parrot:
Looking forward!


Sometimes when we are unable to fetch all transactions in one go, we keep retrying in the upcoming day’s attempts and hope to fill those gaps for you. Glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:


@salonimehta you do have a point there. There were many transactions (more than 10) that happened on that day.

Thanks for that information. This helps me understand Jupiter and Account Aggregation better. :thumbs_up:


Damn! I missed it. Can I be a part of it?