Launching the ‘Digital Passbook’📇!

I am not seeing the Digital Passbook option under Settings > Account Services.

Is it only me? :face_exhaling:

Am I missing something?

@alexnazy May be this is the reason

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Yup. Forgot that. Thanks @razack :smiley:

By when we will get to all people

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@smdaquib784 Hopefully soon :+1:t2:

@Salil_Mishra I can see the Branch Address is corrected now… Thanks once again :star_struck: :v:t2:


@smdaquib784 Considering the above comment is from last week, if everything goes according to plan, we will have access to the digital passbook by the end of the week.


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@Salil_Mishra Some doubts… Can you please clarify?

@razack I am borrowing your screenshot as I don’t have access to the digital passbook.

  1. The phone number is the old Jupiter customer care number. I am not able to reach it now. Can you please change it to the current number - 08655055086?
  2. Branch Email ID: - will we get proper response from the email address? I am seeing a lot of people complaining that Federal Bank Branches do not help out for Jupiter account holders. Can we instead give
  3. In Branch Name: ( Jupiter ) looks awkward, can you please make it (Jupiter) - remove the gaps after and before the paranthesis.


I hope giving Branch Email Id: should not a problem as we have already established that it is a Jupiter account in the Branch Name: Fintech Partnerships (Jupiter).

@Salil_Mishra I love the Generally Used Abbreviations section. There have been countless occasions when I have been left scratching my head trying to understand what the transation is. So great that you have included this. :+1: :+1:

But there are some typos there. Sorry for being so critical. :face_with_peeking_eye:

AWB Any Where Banking
DW Dividend Warrant
ECS Electronic Clearing Service
IBP Inward Bills under LC (begs the question What is LC?)
INST. Instrument
IO Interest Outflow
LCC Local Cheque for Collection
OBC Outward Bills for Collection

FCCP Foreign Currency Cheque Purchased is missing. Is there any particular reason?

Attaching a sample passbook for your reference (got this from a Google search)

@Salil_Mishra Also, having the complete branch address, as it appears on the bank statements, included on the passbook would be ideal. :+1:t2:
Screenshot 2023-09-18 163611

@alexnazy Dear Alex,
You can always use the ‘edit’ option ( the pen icon) to add or provide additional information to your main or previous post, instead of creating multiple posts :wink: :v:t2:

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Also a quick search for IFSC FDRL0007777 shows me this information.

Source: IFSC Code of Federal Bank, Neo Banking - Jupiter, Kochi, Kerala - IFSC, MICR Code, Latest Phone number & Address

Is it possible to sync all the information on these websites and passbook information?

I just wanted to keep the Ieft section feedback and right section feedback separate. :grin:

Man I have been waiting for this for so long! Now I can use jupiter as my primary account for everything :smiley:


Are there any situations where digital passbooks are not as good as physical passbooks?

Let’s say in case of passport application, SBI passbook can be used as address proof. Will passport office accept a digital passbook as address proof?

Just trying to understand the use case scenarios.

For most cases, your bank statement should be enough. There are only few ancient relics that require you to provide the front page of your passbook, such as scholarships. And from my understanding, your digital passbook should hold the same value as a physical one. Unless ofcourse they specifically need to flip through your passbook entries irl :smiley:


Thanks @axa :thumbs_up:

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By when it will be available for all
I am waiting

@smdaquib784 I can see this feature is ‘shipped’ for everyone…Could you please double-check and confirm whether it’s available or not?

Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Account Services’ Tab.

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Yes available
In this i want to update my photo