Launching the ‘Digital Passbook’📇!

Hey folks!
Salil here from the Jupiter Account Services team! We’re launching a much awaited feature - ‘Digital Passbook’!

What’s new:

  1. You can now download a PDF of the front page of your passbook on your Jupiter app
  2. To ensure the validity and acceptance of the Digital Passbook, the document is an exact replica of the Federal Passbook

How can you get your Digital Passbook?

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Account Services’ Tab
  2. Click on the Digital Passbook tab and then Download PDF CTA to get the passbook

This should now be available to some community users. The rest will be getting access to this next week onwards.

Test it out, share your feedback with us here.
Thanks! :rocket:


@Salil_Mishra This is a welcome update. I am sure this will help quite a few users.

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Simple wow move from Jupiter :fire: :fire: :fire: (I got the access)
Septermber is on fire :cool_doge:
No doubt, this is one of the much waited and requested features :+1:t2:
As said by many community members, who are students, can now use it for their scholarship purposes
Thanks a lot @Salil_Mishra and Team


@Salil_Mishra Correct me if I am wrong.
I can see the Branch address on the digital passbook as ‘Federal Bank Ltd, Integrated Startup Complex, KSUT’. Out of curiosity, to know the exact location I Googled the address and got the result ‘Integrated Startup Complex (ISC) - KSUM’

So was that some sort of typo or error?

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This was most awaited feature for me :partying_face:

Kudos to Jupiter team.


Really helpful!

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This is a welcome addition. :thumbs_up:

I guess, September is a very productive month for Team Jupiter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It will help for many of the people and students as well I am waiting for that update soon

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PDF downloaded without any issue.

This is going to be useful for many students for scholarships I guess (I have the original passbook from federal with seals and things):zap::zap::zap:


So Federal Bank gives a passbook for Jupiter account holders?

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Yes. They do. You have to visit the branch. It also has a fee too


@Aswin_Benny Thanks!

Looks like there are quite a few typos.
For example Branch in last line is written Brach

@Shawnpinto @Jiten please fix this.

Also the communication address is not printed on the passbook, for some it would be really nice for showing as address proof.

Also please add Nomini name, phone number and PAN Card no(may be masked ) on the passbook.

Nevertheless, although technically small, it’s a huge change towards making everything digital.
I hope Jupiter teams keeps their creativity on demon mode as usual.


Please look into the points mentioned I can see the same typo as well.

@Mukesh_kumar_Bharti Thank you, bro, for catching that typo and bringing it to our attention. I completely missed that. My entire confusion was focused on that specific branch address.

Agree with you, Including information such as the Communication address, Nominee’s name, and mobile number can bring it in line with the standard bank passbook that we are all familiar with. :+1:t2:

@Salil_Mishra Please look into it

Wishing a very Happy birthday to you @gabey14 :cake: :birthday:


Thanks! @razack :smile:

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Happy birthday @gabey14! :party_parrot: :partying_face:

Thanks @Shawnpinto :smile::smile:

Hey @razack and @Mukesh_kumar_Bharti ,

Thanks for pointing out these points, our team is already at work, addressing the items you’ve highlighted. (Branch address and typo of “Brach”)

For the request of other details on Communication address, Nominee name, phone number, PAN card etc., we are referring to and replicating the front page of passbook issued by Federal Bank for items that we have added in our Digital Passbook front page.



Thank you, @Salil_Mishra and Team, for your prompt response. :blob_thanks:
I can confirm that the typo ‘Brach’ has been successfully corrected now. :+1:t2: