Passbook Supply

Please Supply Passbook for customers.


You have to visit the nearest federal Bank branch for that maybe. I did the same and recieved my passbook


In My area No federal Bank branch.
( SBI, HDFC, Axis, Uco, MRB, UBI)


Unless it has been specifically requested by an institution, the bank statement received does the job as it has all the details typically needed for verifications.


Jupiter is neo Bank, means fully Digital/Virtual Bank, If you need any help then you can Visit Fedral Banks Branch, but As you say Branch is Far from your Location. And even in many more banks, passbook getting outdated.

Can you write reasone why you need PassBook? So Members can Help you.

For Scholarship Iam just students. Not serviceman


I will open account others offline Bank.Thank you for reply.

As pe my knowledge, Banks Statement copy is also accepted for Application. But please also verify from your end too

@Shawnpinto please give clarity to him,
Is jupiter/fedral is able to recieve DBT Funds?
And is bank statement is also accepted or not? @Spaceman

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @spaceman display help.

Hi @Korang_Mophom , :hyper_wave:

@Aswin_Benny is right. If you need a passbook, you will have to go to the nearest Federal bank branch and apply for one. The passbook is chargeable.

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many places only accept only passbook front copy. many sectors of India are not that tech savvy . ie college, school. for getting scholarships and grants from colleges the office guys always asks for passbook 1st page.

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For government scholarship, I think you need the bank account seeded with your adhar number (Not sure if that’s the correct term)(Most probably it will be the first bank account you ever took)…

Make sure if the rules says that. My seeded account was not jupiter. You can see it in the madhar app.

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Yes Jupiter need link with DBT opinion, like Paytm, and others Bank like Kotak.

Bank statement also accepted of its physically signed or digitally signed and stamped officially by federal bank. ( many institutions don’t accept the digitally signed papers lacks of knowledge, it’s legally acceptable as per it act)

You may order cheque book free ( 1st with 5 leaves) , after receiving use it for cancelled cheque, which is also acceptable.


I agree . Atleast jupiter requires a paperless passbook frontpage… A digital one

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