Jupiter pro salary account with only one organizational email id not individual [suggestion]

I am a happy user of Jupiter. Lately I went to convert my account to pro (Salary) Account with my Organizational Email ID and found out that our Company’s Email ID already registered in Jupiter.

Things to be worth mentioning here that, our Company has only one Email ID like : info@xxx.com and we all use that Email ID for all sort of communications. Here we have not been assigned any individual IDs, since it’s a small organization.

Now someone who I invited on Jupiter has already opened the Pro account with our Organizational Email ID as stated above, and rest of us are stuck in the pipeline…

Is it possible for Jupiter to entertain only organizational Email ID to enable Pro account for rest of the Account holders working under the same company?

If this could be done, then we have some hope alive, else we are doomed for nothing!!!


Hi @VISHAL.VODRO, let me reach out to you on DM to help sort this out

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Please Include Self Employed Professiona for Pro Account with higher transactions values in Forex.

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Umm, this is weird since the same email you give will be used for your insurance Jupiter provides as a adon. You should contact support directly on this.

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Valid point, I think they should’ve the option for alternate email option as well despite organisational email…

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