Jupiter pro account

Whenever I login to Jupiter app it simply popups the option to upgrade to Jupiter pro app , even I received few mails. Even I want to upgrade but I don’t think any MNC has tie up with Jupiter/federal Bank for salary account…I am working in ITC Infotech, on clicking upgrade I see the option to select company as ITC Infotech but in the backend I know it won’t work as ITC Infotech has tie up only with standard chartered Bank and hdfc bank…in this case why it is showing ITC infotech?

Probably because it’s a well known company. From my experience, companies allow salary credits to any banks (as long as they are open for business in India, and you hold a valid account).

All you need is to hand over the account information to the HR or whichever portal handles your payslips, and they’ll get it updated.

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