Jupiter Select Account

I would like to know the process for upgrading to a Jupiter Select Account, I currently have a Jupiter Pro Account. I’m interested in maintaining a fixed deposit or a monthly average balance of up to 5 lakhs.

Is it related to Jupiter Salary Account?
If I am not wrong, you can convert to Salary Account with the help of your HR.

To open a Salary account, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Jupiter app and create your account
  2. Complete your video verification / full KYC
  3. Submit your company’s name and verify your work email address
  4. Share your new account details with HR and make sure to get your next salary in your new Salary Account within 60 days.
    That’s it! Once your salary is credited, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Salary account.

Edit: Only just now I have come across some social media posters on Select Account. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from the team in the coming days.


Ya. It seems like similar to Fi Infinite

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