How to convert to pro account?

I have jupiter saving account!

I am a salaried person but I don’t get any salary slip or company e-mail etc

I was as contractual basis, All I can show is my bank statement as a proof!

How can I avail pro salary account benefits?

I get more than 25k,


Hi, @Biswabiology

Don’t worry, we are working on alternate solutions to help users like you convert to Pro!
In the meanwhile, would you be able to spare time to speak to us? It would help us understand our users’ needs and expectations :slight_smile:

Will connect with you in DMs on this!

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Mine is a different case. I do receive salary more than 25k. I have a corporate Google account, I receive my salary slips. But still the app says “Trouble upgrading to pro, since your email address doesn’t look like your corporate email we will not be able to upgrade you to pro.”

Hey @Zed ,

Let’s get this error checked. I’ll connect with you on Dm’s to understand this better :slight_smile:

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Another failed pro salary account user here. Sending you a DM @Shawnpinto