Upgrade Basic to Pro account with personal email

I was able to navigate around this restriction where a person cannot register for a Pro account with a personal email ID. I believe only gmail and other very popular domains are blocked.

Below are the steps that I took:

  1. Head over to the page to input your details for a Pro account.

    • Enter your email. The domain should not be very popular. At the same time, do not use domains like mailinator, yopmail, etc.
    • Select company as “Other”
    • Write name as “NA” or “None”
  2. An email will be triggered to your email:

  3. Verify the link and the below mail will be triggered:

  4. Login back to the Jupiter app. It shows “Waiting for salary credit” message at the top.
    [No screenshot attached as Jupiter does not allow screenshot/screen recording]

  5. I presume a NEFT transaction >25,000 will convert it to Pro; even if it doesn’t, I should not be able to go so much further into the process.

  6. Interestingly, during step 1, it showed me that 30 people are registered with the same company/domain.


Yeah it works. But Pro account is now useless. Everything is same as Basic. The only difference is you get a health insurance extra.


There are two ways by which Jupiter can offer the insurance:

  1. They pay a premium to an insurance company on behalf of the a/c holder.

  2. They take it upon themselves - “jab marega to de denge”.

Either way, they lose money.
The only difference is they lose it upfront in the first case.

Good find! @AltafParkar
Thanks for sharing the steps to produce this too. This helps a lot. :blob_thanks:

I’d need a few details, pinging you :slight_smile:

@AltafParkar Ah, this isn’t a bug.
Here’s what happens If a user registers with a personal email ID.

We check for the genuineness of the email ID and some additional checks like:

  1. Whether it is from a corporate
  2. The credited amount is your salary

If these conditions are met, the users get upgraded.
Since you haven’t completed your NEFT transaction, nothing had happened yet.

For point 6, that is the no. of verified emails for the domain. If the domain is not right, we will correct it.