Jupiter Edge credit partner

First they provided me with 10k credit limit and asked me to do the KYC which I completed. After that they said that “We couldn’t open your account because you already have an account with our credit partner.”

When I mailed them regarding this, they said that they don’t disclose the credit partner to customers.
If we are taking a credit from anywhere, we atleast need to know the name of the Credit partner. They just want your KYC details.


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Same problem here😂 File your complaint On Reserve Bank Portal. this is a new way to fool a customer

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exactly… How the hell do we know which Credit partner is it? It is just a tactic of Jupiter Edge to collect the user KYC details and sell them to third party members for money. What a pathetic service.

We can’t file a complaint with the Reserve Bank of India if we don’t know the credit partner. We can only raise the complaint against banks and NBFCs.

I have already filed against them as (LivQuik Technology (India) Pvt Ltd)… And Liquiloans is their Credit Partner!..


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I have forget to mention (Amica Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) Which is the Mastermind in this game! And Credit Partner liquiloans.

No problem I will drop mail to My RBI Kolkata branch regarding this.

@Jiten @YaminiSharma I didn’t get any such error message but after aadhar otp validation, I got the message that they are unable to retrieve kyc details. I mean they already have my pan and aadhar otp is already validated, so what else is needed for kyc?

i just completed vkyc and have been waiting for the profile review.
by reading this thread should I expect a similar message? as I am holding unicard whose lending partner is Liquiloans


Even my loan is closed with their partner.

this is unacceptable, they could have first validated with their lending partners before proceeding with kyc.

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just got access to the app and it’s working fine.


I too got

Special Thanks to Reshma for all the help and support. @Shawnpinto please pass this feedback to her.

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How do we jupiter edge??!! Is it a credit card by Jupiter??

Its a BNPL product😄