It's about the loan and the credit card issuance

You check my account I have always paid my every loan back in time but today I need a amount of money but the app show we are unable to proceed for that

Hai @Ashish_07 Welcome to the community.
Loan approval depends on various eligibility criterias like credit score, repayment behaviour, total active accounts, total credit utilisation etc.
There are chances that a user can become ineligible after repaying his or her current loan.
I suggest you to check your recent credit report for any errors or reasons. Also you can mail to for clarification

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Yes I have always paid my loans on time or before time and Jupiter always helped me but this time Iā€™m in real trouble I need approx 50k to support my family and to run my business that I have started last month but due to some issue the return in business got stucked that will dispurrse in June till then I need to run it at my own so I need 50k for that please check for my loan sanction issue via Jupiter

Thanks & regards
Ashish Sharma

Hai @Ashish_07
I am a Jupiter customer like you holding a savings account and no way associated with Jupiter Team. Kindly send an email to the mail id I mentioned for assistance and help