Can't able to use the credit card for rent payment

Can’t able to use the credit card for rent payment.

You can use upto 50k per month, after 30 days from onboarding.

Ok. I have onboarded on 2 days back. So should I need to wait until next month ?


I have tried before, and after one month, it is still not working. I tried again today, but the transaction is still being declined from Jupiter’s side. The customer care team has no idea. They just say to wait for three days. When I try after that, it still declines, and the customer care team again says to wait three days, and so on

Yeah, I tried after 1.5 months, It didn’t go through for me as well.

What should we do? Can we register a complaint anywhere? Customer care is not even giving the email to register a complaint. I had to talk with them for 1 hour just to get the email. Do you think tweeting will do any good?

No, Customer support can only help with this case.