Introducing Debt Tracker - Track all your loans

We’ve released a new feature called debt tracker.

What does it do?

  • Check total & outstanding amount for all your loans.
  • Track your progress. You can see the amount paid as % of the total loan amount.
  • Missed a payment? Set a reminder to stay on track. Always pay your installments on time.
  • Get your free credit score report. We’ll tell you how good or bad your repayment history is.

Have you guys tried it out yet?



I can’t find this option I regularly check my credit report but I there is no option in Jupiter Of Debt Tracker.

Let me check with CS.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it then you can find it .


Actually if I do reinstall then it will ask for Sim Verification so recently I have recharged my 2nd sim so I need to wait till my plan goes over.

Btw Thanks

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Loan tracker does not update after paying the EMI

Hey @Kartik_Neti Welcome to the community! :rocket:
Could you please raise a chat request for this? We’ll look into it.
Head over to the app and navigate to help.

Since debt tracker is for tracking your loans, adding this blog here - Everything You Need to Know About Loans - A Detailed Guide | Jupiter

@Shawnpinto Debt tracker under maintenance, what is the ETA for this.? its under maintenance since a month.

Hey @Sainath_Gupta, You’ll be able to see the feature again on Jan 18th.
we refresh it every 18th of the month. Note: We had to make some changes on the back end, so it wasn’t refreshed in the month of December.


Using it since 2 months, really good to have add on with banking app, but now I want to change the date of loan tracker’s auto update to 1st of every month. Kindly provide an option to change date of auto update.

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