OnDemand Loan Repayment Bug


What happened to you guys? I do not hold any more accounts with you Jupiter. and when I did took loan from you? Why are you doing saste nashe?

Even I got a message for loan repayment. I never take a loan, I only have a bank account with Jupiter.

Received same.

@here This shouldn’t have happened, it’s an error from our end.
You can ignore the WhatsApp message.

Apologies folks :pray:

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Received message on WhatsApp from Jupiter that my Auto debit wasn’t successful and message contained link to repay which takes me to some on demand salary oage in Jupiter App and it shows some error(unable to tale screenshotdue to app restrictions).

But the funny point i didn’t opted for on demand salary or something similar.

What’s going on? is it some glitch message or what?
Adding screenshot of message with this post.

@mschahar Nice to see you back
I hope it is some sort of error. Probably the message intended for someone is routed wrongly to you.
Anyway, hope the concerned team confirm the real issue asap.

@razack Check other posts too, Same received by many.

Sincere apologies…I missed those posts

It’s a false On Demand Salary Repayment notification which i also received via WhatsApp.
Nothing to worry… just some technical errors…it will be automatically resolved


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